What are the benefits of using a Stair Stepper Machine

Twister Stepper Review

View image | Stair stepper machines have become increasingly common in homes and gyms across the country.  With regular use, they are an excellent way of burning fat, toning muscle and keeping fit.  If you are looking to achieve real results from your workout a Stair Stepper is a great choice. How do Stair Steppers Work? The beauty of stair …

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New Nautilus Fitness Ranges 2022

It has been over 5 years since Nautilus have given us something new to look at.  Now though they are set to take a strong position in the market with a range of new Ellipticals, Treadmills, Upright Bikes and Recumbents. Most exciting are the new 2 new treadmills and 3 ellipticals plus 2 bikes.  We have reviewed all seven of the …

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How to go from a Walk to a Run on a Treadmill!

If you are like my son, and more of an indoors person then you might find that some indoor workouts are the way forward.  You won’t be alone, the treadmill market is booming and becoming more and more popular.  They are a great way of working out in your own safe home, with no one judging you while you enjoy …

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