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How to go from a Walk to a Run on a Treadmill!

If you are like my son, and more of an indoors person then you might find that some indoor workouts are the way forward.  You won’t be alone, the treadmill market is booming and becoming more and more popular.  They are a great way of working out in your own safe home, with no one judging you while you enjoy …

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The Best Home Treadmills for 2014

Treadmills are becoming essential workout kits. When looking for best home treadmills, your main focus should be on machine capability to withstand intense workouts over a considerable time. The reliability and efficiency of motor is one thing that you have to inspect when determining the strength of the machine. Other considerations may be how comfy the machine is, the treadmill …

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Treadmill Motivation Tips!

Getting Motivated on the Treadmill: While talking about finding a motivation to exercise the real question is how to develop the inspiration for doing something as drab as exercising on a routine basis without making New Year resolutions and then, bam, going back where you started. Taking small steps when it comes to getting motivated to get and stay fit …

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