Seven (and a half) rules for avoiding running injuries

If you speak to non runners about waking up early in the morning to run 4 or 5 miles around a park (or in my case the beach!), then you can expect some funny looks. When you start to run regularly and push yourself the injuries are inevitable.  Normally we just keep quiet about them and hope they go away, …

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FAST exercise – how to get fit in only 8 minutes?

The No.1 reason that people give for not exercising is that they don’t have enough time. Cue the FAST FITNESS revolution! “Get fit in only 8 minutes, three times per week”.  Is this really possible?  In this article we look at the evidence surrounding FAST FITNESS and give you the facts to let you decide whether this type of exercise …

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Can you get a good workout from a Mini Stepper?

If you are tight for space, travel a lot or have a limited budget you may be tempted with a Mini Stepper.  These offer a convenient alternative to full sized steppers, but are you going to get the same workout? As long as you can get your heart rate up then any form of exercise is beneficial.  Mini Steppers are …

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