Best Shoes and Kit for Spinning Classes

If you have just started Indoor Cycling, or Spinning, then you will probably want to get the right gear for the job, choosing the best shoes for spinning is really down to personal taste and what works for you.  In this guide we will take you through the best of the market, and show what to look for when it comes to choosing the right spinning shoes for you.

Ten best Shoes for Spinning:

Our pick of the best Indoor Cycling / Spinning Shoe for Men:

Alternatives Indoor Cycling Shoes For Men to consider:

Pearl iZUMi Men’s Race Road II Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZUMi Men's Race Road II Cycling Shoe
We start the round up of the best cycling shoes for Mens Spinning with the Pearl iZUMi Race Shoe.  We like this because its not to expensive, light weight and looks OK.  The ratchet ensures a good tight fit!  If you are happy changing shoes at the bike this is a great option.

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Giro Grynd Bike Shoe

Next up is a hugely popular shoe from Giro.  Its lace up, so if you are always in a hurry to get to the gym it might not be ideal.  However its incredibly comfortable!  As a Mountain Bike shoe, as well as being a spinning shoe, it has a proper sole, so you can wear it as you travel to and from the gym.

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Shimano Unisex Sh-Ct41 Bicycle Shoes

Shimano Unisex Sh-Ct41 Bicycle Shoes
Sticking with the laces for a moment we have the Shimano Unisex Bicycle shoe.  Like the  Giro this is also suitable  for wearing to and from the gym.  Because its Shimano you know that its going to be 100% compatible with the cleats.  I have worn Shimano bike shoes before, what I really liked is the easy clip system that allows the cleats to easily align and clip in.  If you are new to using cleats then this is a great choice.

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Coming back to the Pearl Spinning Shoes, this time we have the X-Alp Enduro IV.  This combines the support of the ratchet/Velcro uppers with a slightly more flexible sole.  The payback of the sole is that its OK to walk to the gym and back in.  This is a very versatile shoe, incredibly comfortable and easy to use.  The fit and finish of these shoes is first class, and they fit as you would expect, very well.

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Mavic Mountain Indoor Cycling Shoes

Mavic Mountain Indoor Cycling Shoes
Finally we have the mighty Mavics! If you have ever bought any quality bike gear you will have come across the Mavic brand. They are known for their high qualtiy and stylish products.  Their Indoor Cycling Shoes are no different.  They double as MTB shoes, and are fitted with grips on the sole, so you won’t slip in the Spin studio!  The sole is ridged, and resists flexing while the velco does a good job of holding your foot in position.  These may be the most expensive shoes in this roundup, but they are probably the best!

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For Women our top 5 Spinning Shoe Picks are:

Our Pick of the best Spinning Shoe For Women: Pearl Izumi – Ride Women

Pearl Izumi – Ride Women’s W X-ALP Enduro Iv Cycling Shoe

Pearl Izumi - Ride Women's W X-ALP Enduro Iv Cycling Shoe
We have put the Pearls at the top of our list for three reasons, one is the style they are available in both a light purple/white, and also black/yellow.  These shoes have a combination sole so they can be worn to walk or drive to the gym and spin with out changing shoes.  They also have a secure ratchet to ensure they remain tight on your foot.

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Giro Riela Bike Shoe – Women’s

Giro Riela Bike Shoe - Women's
Our second choice for Womens Spinning Shoes is the Giro Road Bike shoe. What makes this one interesting is that its incredibly comfortable, with a microfiber upper and three long adjustable straps. I have seen a number of instructors using these, and they are incredibly popular. The extra padding means that you should order your next size up from usual.

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Zol White MTB Indoor Cycling Shoes

zol white indoor cycling shoe
Zol is another classic Mountain Bike brand.  With their indoor cycling shoe they have created an incredibly comfortable and good looking shoe.  The carbon compsite sole provides comfort and rigidity, while the straps ensure a comfortable secure fit.

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Shimano SH-RP2 Women’s Touring Road Cycling Synthetic Leather Shoes

Shimano SH-RP2 Women's Touring Road Cycling Synthetic Leather Shoes
Finally in this round up of the best womens spinning shoes we have the

Shimano SH-RP2

.  This is the lightest of the lot, providing great ventilation for the feet ensuring you stay comfortable even when the temeratures start rising.  Strong velcro straps ensure the shoes remain tightly fitting, and vents in the side allow air to circulate.

Best Cleats for Spin and Indoor Cycling Shoes: Wellgo SPD Cleats

Wellgo Cleat

First up, if you do choose a clip less pedal then you will need to order Cleats at the same time you order your Shoes. We found the best pair of cleats for Indoor cycling shoes are the Wellgo SPD Cleats (they are also the cheapest):

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Make sure they look like this –>

What to consider when choosing the best shoes for Spinning

Spinning may be intense and hard work, but its not really competitive. This makes a huge difference in how much you need to spend on the shoes, as there is no need to spend money on marginal gains.

Besides not needing marginal gains, there is also the fact that most Spin Classes take place indoors, so again we don’t need to worry about expensive waterproof fabrics or warmth. If fact you really want shoes that keep your feet cool rather than warm, like many mountain bike shoes.

Types of Cleats Suitable for Spinning:

The right cleats for indoor cycling

If you look at the pedals on spin bikes you will see that most of them are double sided. On one side they have a side with a flat pedal covered with a toe clip (a plastic cage with a nylon strap to tighten your foot to the pedal, the other side has a little metal cleat. Both versions have their advantages.

Flat pedals mean that you can use any shoes to cycle, this could be your trainers or a pair of running shoes. The clip side though can only be used with specially adapted spinning shoes with SPD Cleats attached.

The advantage of the SPD cleats is that your foot is firmly attached to the pedal, as you raise your foot on the upstroke you are transferring the maximum power of your leg, through your foot and onto the flywheel via the pedals. This makes cycling very efficient, which is why SPDs are very popular for cyclists.

Our Pick of the Best Cleats for Indoor Cycling: Shimano SM-SH56 SPD Cleat Set

The stiffer the shoe the better

And why trainers are a bad idea for spinning

When I started spinning, like everyone else I wore my normal gym trainers.  This was a terrible idea!  Within a few weeks I had unwittingly ruined my soft soled trainers.

The problem was the pedals on the spinning bikes were sharp metal, this cut right into the sole of my trainers, nearly cutting them in half.

Also I found that I could not put the same pressure onto the pedal of the spin bike as I could my mountain bike, simply because the trainer would bend wasting all the effort.  My foot would also cut into the pedal which was becoming uncomfortable.

This is why I took the decision to buy a pair of dedicated shoes for spinning, and look for the best shoes for spinning.

Best towels for Spinning Classes

If you do become a regular in indoor cycling sessions then you will become hot and sweaty, this is normal and even the best air con can’t really prevent it.  Our advice is to pack a towel.

When choosing a towel for spinning there are a couple of things to think about, like size and how to store it safely.