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James is the mastermind and technical wizard behind Optimum Fitness.   In 2013, James decided to establish and develop on online project combining two of his favorite things in life;  fitness and technology.

Bike Toolbox




His first website was The Bike Toolbox.  As a keen cyclist, James has done extensive research to find the best bikes for mountain bikers, commuters and children.  The Bike Toolbox contains hundreds of unbiased and comprehensive reviews about these bikes.

Optimum Fitness





James’s second website is Optimum Fitness.   As you will already be aware, Optimum Fitness is a growing resource site that reviews home exercise equipment and provides informative advice to those who have an interest in leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Sheona is a highly qualified fitness instructor and nutritionist who has worked for over 11 years managing a popular corporate fitness centre.

Sheona therefore provides both expert knowledge and many years of experience in the fitness industry to help develop the Optimum Fitness website.

listen to music on treadmill






Optimum Fitness

Not only did we want the site to review exercise equipment, but we wanted to be able to do something that most reviewers cannot – and that is to provide resources, information and support  for people who want to get fitter and improve their health.

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