ASUNA 4200 Upright Bike Review

ASUNA 4200 bike review

ASUNA 4200 Upright Bike Review

The ASUNA 4200 is a mid-range exercise bike, part of the ASUNA range, by Sunny Health & Fitness 

Designed to make exercising at home a simple, effective and comfortable experience, the ASUNA 4200 has everything you need to make cycling at home a real joy.

Made from commercial grade steel, the ASUNA 4200 Upright Bike is compact, yet very robust and designed to last years.

Read the full review here, to find out more about the features of this bike and how it compares to the other bikes in the ASUNA range.

Other bikes in this range, which Optimum Fitness has also reviewed fully,  include:

ASUNA 4100 Indoor Bike

ASUNA 5100 Magnetic Bike

ASUNA 5150 Magnetic Bike

How does the ASUNA 4200 differ from other ASUNA bikes?

The biggest difference is that this bike is an UPRIGHT bike while the other bikes in the ASUNA range are spin bikes.

As you can see here, there is a big difference in the seating position between the ASUNA 4100 and the ASUNA 4200

ASUNA 4100 bike review
ASUNA 4100


ASUNA 4200 bike review
ASUNA 4200

The ASUNA 4200 allows users to cycle in an upright (back straight) position and therefore might be best suited to those who want to avoid back and neck strain and discomfort.

It also has a monitor so you can easily track your workout stats such as time, distance, speed etc.  Spinning bikes such as the ASUNA 4100 tend not to include monitors.

See our BUYING GUIDE for more information on the difference beween upright bikes, spinning bikes and recumbent bikes.

Cycling is low-impact exercise that not only helps you to build up the strength in your legs, but works the heart and lungs providing cardiovascular benefits.    The ASUNA 4200 bike can be used to do a variety of cycling workouts with 5 programmable modes: Beginner, Advanced, Sporty, Cardio and Watt

This is a great bike. Its easy to see why its the best seller on the market. The seat is comfortable and the pedals fit well. It is extremely quiet. I would recommend this product without hesitation


SUNNY Health and Fitness are one of the fastest growing companies in the fitness sector and have developed an excellent reputation for creating ‘gym quality’ exercise equipment which is also suitable for home use.
The 4200 bike is part of the ASUNA range developed by SUNNY.  The ASUNA range consists of high quality exercise products similar in build and structure to those you would find in a commercial gym, for a fraction of the price!

This review will focus on the features of the ASUNA 4200 Bike including:

  • Commercial grade steel frame
  • 5 programmable modes
  • Electronic tension control for variable resistance
  • Belt drive mechanism for quiet workouts
  • Cushioned handlebars
  • Pulse grip heart rate monitor
  • LCD monitor displaying time, distance etc.
  • Adjustable seat and pedal straps
  • Maximum user weight of 265 lbs
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Build in transportation wheels

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Frame and Build

 The frame is made from heavy duty steel, built to withstand years of cycling!   The bike is therefore heavy and sturdy.  This is a major benefit as it means the bike should not move or slip during a workout.   Although it comes with handy transportation wheels that should enable the bike to be moved freely, some users have reported that the weight of the bike makes it tricky to move it around freely.

This frame accommodates most cyclists and a range of heights and builds, although some users have advised that it is not suitable for those under 5’2″.    The ASUNA 5150 bike is of higher specification than this model and provides the most generous allowances for taller/shorter individuals and accommodating heavier users.

This ASUNA 4200 has a user capacity of up to 265 lbs.

The lowest seat setting is 28″ (saddle to pedal) and the highest seat setting is 37.5″ (saddle to pedal).  This means the bike is probably comfortable for those between 5’2″ and 6’3″

Digital Monitor

ASUNA 4200 monitorOne of the biggest advantage of buying the ASUNA 4200 bike is that it comes with a great, yet simple, digital monitor.

You can easily track distance, time, speed, calories, watts and heart-rate during your workout.

There is a pulse reading monitor conveniently located on the handlebars, so you can easily ensure you are exercising at the right intensity.

You can also choose one of five workout modes using the monitor – Beginner, Advanced, Sporty, Cardio and Watt

Belt Drive

This ASUNA 4200 exercise bike uses a belt drive mechanism for the ultimate in quiet pedalling.   While belt drive mechanisms don’t quite feel as natural as chain drive mechanisms, there is less maintenance and greater durability.

Resistance levels can be altered using electronic tension control (the bike comes with an AC power adapter)

How comfortable is the ASUNA 4200 bike?

ASUNA 4200 foot pedal

The pedals are designed for comfort, and are generously sized, with adjustable foot straps.

The ASUNA 4200 Exercise Bike comes with a fully adjustable seat which can be adjusted up and down but also forward and aft.  The seat is exceptionally comfortable and well cushioned.  This allows most users to experience the most comfortable seating position throughout their workout.  Extra padding and cushioning help ensure proper blood flow for prolonged and vigorous workouts. This extra padding helps relieve pressure points of sitting and tail bones, and the “falling asleep feeling”

when circulation is cut off!

The handlebars are padded and slip free allowing users grip comfortably in a variety of positions.  The handlebars cannot be adjusted to a higher or lower position.

There is also a conveniently placed water bottle holder located on the frame.

ASUNA 4200 water bottle holder

Is the ASUNA 4200 bike difficult to assemble?

The ASUNA 4200 Exercise Bike comes partly pre-assembled with a shipping weight of 112lbs.

Users have reported that although full instructions are provided, the bike is is quite complex to assemble and that a minimum of two people would be required to put the bike together.

The ASUNA 4200 Exercise Bike has convenient transportation wheels attached to the bike so once assembled, it can simply be moved into a suitable location.

What do users say about this bike?

“I have been using this bike for ten days now and absolutely love it. It was a little difficult to put together on my own so would highly recommend two people take on the task. It is well built. Very sturdy and it is great having a multi function computer to track my progress”

“This bike was a GREAT deal. Other retailers sell it for hundreds more, so I was very pleased with the value on Amazon”

“This bike is heavy and large, so don’t expect for this to be moved between rooms or folded away. It was also a pain to build”

“Good price, solid as a rock. no cheap parts. I was shocked at the quality of this machine. It should last for many years. This is a great machine you should buy one before all are gone. I would buy again. 5 stars!!!!!”


Sunny Health and Fitness provided a 5 year structural guarantee and a 180 day manufacturer’s warranty on parts and components.

Do you need to know anything else? Here are the bike’s specifications:

  • Fully adjustable seat-Up,Down,Fore,Aft
  • Lowest seat setting: 28″ (Saddle to Pedal)
  • Highest seat setting: 37.5″ (Saddle to Pedal)
  • Pulse heart rate monitoring
  • Large LCD console; 5 pre-set programs
  • Electronic tension control allows multiple resistance levels
  • Comfortable, fully padded saddle
  • Saddle Dimensions:12.75″L x 12″ W x 2.5″ H
  • Large pedals with adjustable straps
  • Assemble Dimensions: 41″L x 21.5″W x 56.75″H
  • Maximum user weight: 265 Lbs

Alternatives to the Asuna 4200 Bike:

In this range, the ASUNA 4100 bike is closest in specification, but it is a spinning bike, which is a completely different cycling experience.

For a similarly priced upright bike, which has greater technology, more workouts and exceptionally high user ratings, we would recommend the Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Review Summary:

This is a great bike. Its easy to see why its the best seller on the market. The seat is comfortable and the pedals fit well. It is extremely quiet. I would recommend this product without hesitation

The ASUNA 5100 Magnetic Bike and the ASUNA 5150 Magnetic Bike are also in this range and are new on the market for 2017.

Both have slightly higher specifications that the ASUNA 4100.  The ASUNA 5150 is a ‘top-of-the-range’ bike with considerable adjustability and caters for cyclists of all shapes and sizes.  Both these bikes use magnetic resistance technology (instead of the felt brake pad tension).   Magnetic resistance is believed to be a smoother and more reliable option.

Review Summary of the ASUNA 4200 Upright Bike

 The ASUNA 4200 Exercise Bike is a mid-range bike, that has a solid build that one might expect from a more expensive bike.   It comes at an affordable price, with features designed to provide a comfortable and simple exercise experience.

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Due to the shipping weight of the bike (around 119lbs), this bike could be be difficult to move into upper floors and apartments.   Convenient transportation wheels are provided however, so once it has been assembled, it can be moved into the correct location. 

Users have like the sturdiness of this bike, and feel it has a long-lasting quality to it.  The heaviness of the bike can make it difficult to move around though.

Assembly of the bike appears to be the biggest issue, and two people are recommended to put this together.

Overall, a solid choice, designed to last, with both comfort and stability as its greatest features.