Keiser M3 and M3+ Indoor Cycle Review 2018 Model

m3 keiser exercise bike

This is a high quality bike marketed at gyms and home users looking for the best that money can buy.  We will look at the features that sets it apart.  We have spent many hours spinning on dozens of different bikes, and know what features separate the good from the bad!

The Keiser M3 is a unique looking indoor cycle.  The large flywheel is mounted at the rear of the bike, with the handle bars pointing up aggressively over the front of the bike.

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What we love about the Keiser M3:

Build Quality

The M3 is made from high grade corrosion resistant materials.  You will be sweating a lot on this bike, and all that salt in your sweat is lethal for exercise bikes.  Aluminum is the perfect material for an exercise bike of this quality, it’s light and strong and will not rust.

The M3 is well put together and will give a near silent operation.  Some people even go as far as suggesting keeping this in the bedroom because it’s so quiet someone could sleep in the same room!

With its high build quality it is backed with a 3 year warranty.

Consistant Resistance

The resistance is delivered through a system of electromagnets.  We really like this.  When the first spin bikes were launched they used a crude system of felt pads pressed against a fly wheel.  Over time these felt pads wear out, and they amount of resistance they deliver over time changes.  From one workout to the next you are never sure if you are putting in the same effort.

The alternative is to use magnatism.  This is reliable and produces repeatable results every time.

The Keiser M3 delivers 24 resistance levels through a convent lever mounted on the handle bar.  It is infinitely adjustable, however the console breaks this down to 24 levels of resistance so you can track your improvements from workout to workout.

With the 24 levels of resistance delivered via the electromagnets then every time you work out you experience the same level of resistance.

Power OutputKesier M3 Exercise Bike

This is something rare on a spin bike, but exists on the Keiser bike, because of the consistent way resistance is applied.  The bike measures your power output by combining the cadence of the pedals with the resistance level it is able to provide an accurate gauge of your power.  In the past you would have worked at “90 rpm” or 50% resistance.  By showing the power then you can tell exactly how hard you’re working.  The power is output in watts, and takes into account speed and power levels. With a bike like this you will want to get the best shoes, we have a complete round up of the best indoor cycling and spinning shoes here.

The display shows: cadence/watts/calories burned/gear/heart rate/trip distance/total distance.  The heart rate is measured by a standard (available separately) polar chest strap.

Run Silent

The belt is made from an advanced polymer, not a noisy chain.  The flywheel being resisted by magnetic fields creates no noise.   All of the components have a quality feel, precisely engineered to run smoothly.

Comparing the M3 and M3+

There are really very few differences between the M3 and M3+. It comes down to the handlebars.

If you want to see how they look check out the video below:

Video Comparison of M3 and M3+

If its the M3+ you are looking for then its available for about $1800 here

Pros and Cons of the Keiser M3 Spin Bike:


  • Excellent Build Quality, makes this perfect for home or multi-user class settings.
  • Power Measurement, it’s great to see the Watts measured.
  • Will last far longer than other machines.  With no felt pads to wear out this bike should last years with minimal maintenance.


  • The quality comes at a price, this Spin Bike is a little more expensive than other bikes but…….
  • Otherwise there really is nothing to complain about.

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Alternatives to the Keiser M3:

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What are others saying about the Keiser M3

In our research, we were really not surprised at the overwhelmingly positive feedback.  This bike has been awarded 5.0 out of 5.0 stars by reviewers on Amazon:


“By far the best for the buck!”

“This is a solid spin bike that won’t disappoint you and is worth the investment.”

How much can you expect to pay for the M3?

If you go to Amazon you will find two versions of this bike, the Keiser M3 and the Keiser M3+.  The M3+ is about $100 more than the basic M3.  The M3+ is around $1,995.00

The additional features of the M3 plus are fore and aft handlebars, and a different display.  The adjustable handlebars may be useful if you are shorter or taller than average.  Otherwise I would recommend sticking with the standard M3.

Where to buy the Keiser M3 or M3 Plus?

You can certainly find the M3 in plenty of stores, both bricks and mortar or online.  In our experience one retailer trumps them all for price and more importantly service.  We recommend Amazon.  We have never seen this bike discounted so the free delivery that Amazon offer makes it a good choice. If you order today you can have this bike delivered to your home and running within a few days.

Our Verdict: We love this bike!

If we were to buy only one spin bike or indoor bike, this would be it.  There are others at lower prices such as the rock solid Sole SB700 but at every turn you face compromise and you will end up wishing you had spent that little more.

If you enjoy the feel of precision engineering and want a bike that will run smoothly year-in year-out then there are no real other options. With its blend of high quality construction materials, American build quality and a focus on performance we always enjoy using the Keiser M3.

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Review Summary:

  • Bundle includes: Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle, Floor Mat, Media tray, Stretch pads
  • PLEASE NOTE: The "Expert assembly" is a service provided exclusively by Amazon. The technician sent to assemble your cycle is not authorized, or trained by Keiser Corporation.
  • Connect your smartphone to the Keiser M Series fitness app for data tracking, or connect to BKOOL for an immersive 3D cycling experience
  • 4-way handlebar and seat adjustments for maximum adjustability
  • Modern, sleek design compliments any room