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How to Get Rid of Back Fat and Stubborn Love Handles

Usually, when people talk about their love handles, mid-section and other problem areas, they’re talking about spot-reducing the fat there. This isn’t a viable solution, as the human body doesn’t really respond to attempts at spot-reduction for the following reason: you’re only getting deposits in those regions because you have too much fat elsewhere – as in, you overall body …

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Can you get rid of love handles on an exercise bike?

Investing in an exercise bike is s sure-fire way to accomplish your weight-loss goals this year; it’s hard to beat the convenience and ever-present reminder when you see the keys to your plan every single day. Although you certainly have a general understanding of how an elliptical, exercise bike or treadmill can benefit you, let’s go through some specific methods …

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Best Workouts to try on your Inversion Table


Many people have heard about the benefits of using Inversion Tables as a therapy for back problems. It is common knowledge that the inversion table works by lifting your body above the ground level with your feet on the upper part and your face on the lower. This is, however, not all that is there to the therapy. Inversion therapy …

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