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Best Treadmills for Walking 2016

Being overweight can be a challenge for most of us. Most of us know that proper diet and exercise is good for us, but we might be over conscious about going to the gym as people do tend to stare, and let’s face it people can be cruel. Plus running can be a huge strain on the body, hence why …

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Top 5 Best Winter Running Gloves for 2018 – under $30

winter running gloves

When Winter Calls you need to have the right gear for running, and if you are running in the winter then you will know that the first part of the body to go are the hands and fingers.  If you want to keep running for longer, and without the distraction then a great quality pair of Best Winter Running Gloves …

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4 Great reasons why you should wear compression sleeves and socks

Many runners swear by them, from top athletes to novices.  Compression Sleeves and Socks really work, yet you hardly ever see them.  Not surprising really as they are rarely stylish and likely to attract the ridicule of your other half and children. There is plenty of science behind the use of calf sleeves, in the study they looked at whether …

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