Treadmill Reviews, Best Buys and Buying Guides

Treadmill are becoming more and more popular in the home.

Horizon T101 reviewWe want to give you the best information possible to make your next buying choice, so we have reviews, places to buy and guides on all the top Treadmills on the market.

Treadmills bikes are the a big investment, and are great for the home.  This is because they are safe to use, simple to operate and but can end up taking up a lot of space.

While prices can range from less than $200 to upto $4000+ there is a huge amount of choice depending on your budget.

These are our best treadmills of 2015

So to help you we have a full range of guides and advice including:

Of course not everyone has unlimited money to invest, so we have grouped our reviews according to price, and features.

Desk vs Folding vs Non Folding Treadmills:

If you are looking for either a nice compact treadmill to store, or something more solid then you can find them here, not sure which one is for you?  We also have all the latest desk treadmills that are hugely popular with home workers, bloggers and enlightened office managers. Then check out our quick guide to them:

Are you looking for a Hard Run , Jog or Light Walk?

Spinning bikes have a big heavy flywheel that maintains its momentum, and fixed pedals so you have to keep the legs turning.  Traditional Exercise bikes are designed to feel more like a normal outdoor bike.  They are smoother and can free wheel.  My preference are spin bikes, they give a high intensity workout that melts fat, and pushes the heart to its limits.

Exercise Bikes By Price:

If price is your goal, then all of our reviews have been grouped into three price brackets:

  1. Under $500 Treadmill Reviews
  2. $500 – $999 Treadmill Reviews
  3. Over $1000 Treadmill Reviews


We have dozens of treadmills reviewed on Optimum-Fitness.  There will be one that fits your needs, and budget.

Our top picks are for $1000 Treadmills, the TR1200i from Lifespan, although if money was no object then the Proform is a great choice !

To see what the best treadmill is of each category, then check out our latest top treadmill picks