Our Best Home Treadmill Picks of 2014!

Sometimes it can feel like we struggle to keep up with developments!  Technology that we didn’t even know existed a few years ago has become common place in the home and in the gym.  To keep you on top we have chosen the best home treadmills 2014, treadmills that have the latest technology to keep you in the lead.

We have reviewed each line in full, if you click through the links you can go directly to the full review.  If you are new to treadmills and need  guide then please visit our treadmill reviews and guide here.

As technology moves on more and more of it is tricking down to the home market.  This may be in the form of cheaper more reliable motors, better belts or different aesthetics.  For most users though its about the day to day use of the machine:

  • How easy is it to set up?
  • What will keep my mind busy as I workout?
  • how are my stats stored?

As gyms try and pack in more customers, and free time becomes less and less the ability to workout from home becomes extremely useful.  I like the facility to stay at home, hop on the machine for 20-30 minutes, quick shower and I am done.  This saves an hour driving across town just to do some running!

Best ifit Home Treadmill: Proform 995i

Pro-Form 995i Treadmill best home treadmill

Launched for 2014 the new Profrom 995i has an inbuilt iFit module.  In the past you had to install your own, and many users struggled!  Now its completely integrated for seamless interaction with your iFit home.  This is a great improvement over the older model the Proform 995C

Best Compact Home Treadmill: Lifespan 200DT

best home treadmill Lifespan TR200 Store-n-fold treadmill

We have chosen the Lifespan TR200 as the best compact treadmill for this year.  Its the machine that offers the best balance between size (it can actually fit under a bed) and features.  Being made by Lifespan it is incredibly reliable, and is capable of speeds up to 8 mph.  So while its not for sprinters, it gives an incredible workout for the size.

Best Folding Home Treadmill: Lifespan TR1200i Treadmill

Lifespan tr1200i best home treadmill

While the LifeSpan TR1200i does not pack much in the way of connectivity, under the hood you have one of the most reliable and well made treadmills.  At just under $1000 you have a machine that can propel runners to 11 mph and up inclines of 11%.

We like the simplicity of the machine, and it looks good.  Not to in your face like some machines, the Lifespan TR1200i has gone on to win many awards.  It received best newcomer in 2012 from Treadmill Doctor and Fitness Professor rated it Best in Class.

The TR1200i can easily be folded up for easy storage, or just to keep it out of the way in your home gym.  If you are struggling for space and still looking for a strong and reliable machine then we would recommend this as your first choice of folding treadmills.


If you are in the market for some of the best fitness equipment possible then these three products represent the best home treadmills lines on the market.  If you want to read more about any model please visit its review page.