Home Gyms

If you have little bit of space, and want to save the cost in time and money of visiting a local gym, then we have some of the best home gyms reviewed here. With gym costs increasing every year, and time becoming squeezed its easy to see the advantage of working out from home.

How to build a perfect home gym

Power Max Home Gym

Imagine the freedom of being able to exercise whenever you like, free from distaction and interuption, right on your doorstep! No monthly fees, no commute there and back, no strangers watching your every move. ¬†Open 24 hours! With minimal expense and just a little planning, you can easily create the perfect refuge and build a great home gym that will …

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Indepth Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review

Bowflex Revolution Review

If a hard lean body like you see in the Ads is your goal then the Bowflex is pretty much perfect for the job. The huge number of exercises will let you build routines that can target every muscle in your body and work it hard! This, for us, has to be the best weight machine on the market.

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Gold’s Gym XRS 50 System Review

If you are looking for an affordable simple home gym, to keep your muscles toned then you won't go far wrong with the XRS 50 Home Gym From Golds. Its easy to assemble, nice and compact it will fit into a tiny area, great range of exercises, and the price is great value at around $400.

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