Proform Power 995 I Treadmill Review

Proform Treadmill 995i with runner

If like me, you like your life simple and things just to work then the Proform 995i might just be for you.  Building on the 995c which is one of Proform’s most popular Treadmills.  This is its newest model the Proform Power 995I, updated for 2016, it adds a few extra touches especially with its workout monitoring.

What makes Proform so popular is that they sell feature packed machines with a great value price tag.  The 995I is now available for less than $1000, down from its huge $2000 RSP.

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Difference between the 995c and Proform 995i

With the 995I Proform have overcome the biggest fault with the Proform 995c.  That is the issue with the iFit expansion module.  With the 995i the iFit system is built in, no more fiddling about trying to get the module to speak to the treadmill.

What makes the Proform Power 995i Tick?

If you are familiar to the 995c then you will find the features below familier.  The key changes are the inclusion of the iFit module, the rest are cosmetic differences for 2014.


9951 Running deckThe Proform 995i is equipped with a 3.0 CHP (continuous horsepower motor).  This has enough juice to propel walkers, joggers and runners comfortably at up to 12 mph.  Proform are confident of its performance, and back it with a reassuring lifetime warranty.

Running Track

The Proform has a high quality extended 20″ X 60″ 2-PLY Commercial grade tread belt.  This gives plenty of space for even tall runners to stretch their legs.  At this price level it is hard to find a bigger and better sized belt.

Under the track is the ProShox cushioning. This is exactly what you need to soak up the jolts through your legs as you run.  It also means much less noise and vibration coming through.  So no bothering the neighbours or family as you workout!


995i ConsoleThe console is clear and easy to use, with intuitive buttons.  It features a built in fan, and some reasonably good quality speakers.  Our research has discovered that these are the best speakers to be found on a treadmill!

iFit Live

This is the Ace card from Pro-Form, and it has been made better for 2014 by integrating the control module, rather than having to set up wifi connections.  This is far easier to use.

The objective of iFit is to motivate you while running, it contains a huge number of workouts via the internet.  My favourite feature is the Google Maps, as you run you can watch your view update as you move.  Even hills are catered for, if your route takes you uphill then the incline or decline will adjust accordingly.

By far the best feature are the races, through iFit you can compete against friends of facebook to score the best times.  That gives a huge incentive to run faster!


A good range of 30 modes give a range of calorie burning workouts and 10 google map workouts, connected via the iFit system.  This will ensure that you get better and faster quicker.


This is a very simple machine to put together, just assemble the frame and attach it to the running base.  You could pay someone to do it, but its easy enough that you can save the money and manage it yourself.

More Information you may find useful?


Pro-Form offer a great warranty on this model, with a lifetime frame and motor warranty, plus 2 year parts and a year labour.


  • 37.75 x 71.5 x 79.5 inches
  • Weight: 248 pounds
  • Maximum User Weight: 350lbs

What do other reviews say about the Profrom 995I treadmill?

The original 995 had over 100 reviews at 4 out of 5 stars, this is a great treadmill for the home.

A couple of issues are its size, it is quite heavy and will take a couple of people to assemble.  Also there can be problems initially setting up the iFit module.  This is just part of the set up, once up and running its no problem.

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Any downsides to this machine?

Not really, this treadmill has it all.  It is quite a complicated build, and with the weight it is hard work to put together.  But once its in then you will have a great time running through the programs.  The other is that to get the most out of iFit is the $99 charge.  Given that this can really push your fitness along, it is far cheaper than a gym membership.

The other issue is the pricing.  90% of the time this treadmill is available at under $1000, if it is then its worth picking up.  Sometimes they take the offer off, so just watch out for that.


Where to buy this treadmill?

You can certainly find the Proform 995 in plenty of stores, both bricks and mortar or online.  In our experience one retailer trumps them all, for price and more importantly service.  We recommend Amazon.  Where this treadmill is over $300 off the RSP of $1299, including free delivery across the country.  If you order today you can have this set up in your home within a few days. it.

What do we recommend?  Top Choice!

This is a full on running machine for less than $1000.  With iFit you can now easily record your progress, and even race friends online. In turn this will make your want to get more use from your treadmill and keep the motivation up!

You should consider this if you are after a safe, solid reliable treadmill that will run problem free for a number of years.

ProForm Power 995i Treadmill Review Summary:

  • 3.0 chp drive System, 20 x 60 non-stretch 1-ply commercial belt, proshox cushioning, space saver design, easy lift assist
  • 2.5" precision Machined and balanced non-flex roller, 7" backlit iFit display, iFit workout Apps matrix
  • IPod Compatible audio (2-2" speakers); 20" x 60" Tread Belt
  • Digital quick speed Control 0-12 MPH, digital quick incline Control 0-15, 30 preset workout Apps
  • CoolAire workout Fan, EKG grip Pulse, 350lb User capacity, Lifetime frame and motor Warranty, 3 yr Parts and 1 yr Labor Warranty