Kettler Montana Stepper Review

Kettler Montana Stepper Review


We love Kettler products they a great reputation for building high quality fitness equipment.  We have previously reviewed their kettler stroker rower, now we take a look at the Kettler Montana Stepper.

Our full Kettler Montana Stepper Review:

Unlike most fitness equipment, the Kettler Montana Stepper is produced in the home of high quality engineering, Germany.  If you have ever driven a BMW or Porsche then you will be familiar with the attention to detail that is standard in Germany.  For the stepper this means good clean welds, and neat finishes like the smooth dials and leveling feet.

At over $500 this is not a cheap stepper, and is significantly more than say the Sunny Health Twist Stepper.  To get an idea of how the quality compares, we just need to look at the warranties offered.  Sunny Health offer 90 days, Kettler on the other hand are 3 years.  To me this says that Kettler are confident that their machine will last.  Sunny on the other hand are not confident that it will give 4 months service.

Kettler have made their Montana Stepper from a high grade steel, neatly welded joints allow the frame to be securely bolted together.  This creates an incredibly stable platform for exercising on.  In fact it can take users up to 225lbs.

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Delivering a great workout

Kettler Montana Stepper Resistance

Connecting each of the footplates to the frame is a hydraulic cylinder.  Each of the cylinders has a dial to set the required resistance.  This gives each cylinder a resistance setting from 1 – 12, making it perfect for novice and advanced users.

Kettler Montana Stepper Console

Simple Intuitive Console

In the center of the machine is a small display unit.  This keeps track of the stats you need: displaying time, height climbed, step rate, steps per workout unit, calories burned, room temperature, pulse.

Room Temperature?  The reason this is measured is because of the cylinders, at high temperatures the fluid will become more ‘runny’ and this will effect how intense the workout is.  When its colder it becomes harder to move the pedals, as it becomes warmer then the pedals move more easily.


The kettler stepper is well designed for comfortable riding.  The pedals are coated in thick, durable and non stick rubber.  The handlebars which provide support while riding, are similarly coated and are angled at a natural comfortable angle.  If you are new to stepping then you should find this a very intuitive machine that can give a great workout without causing aches and pains.

What are other reviewers saying about the Kettler Montana Stepper?

The Kettler is a reliable and solid choice for a home stepper.  Overall it has rated 3.5 out of 5 from reviewers.  People like the quality build, and ease of use.  It has proven to be compact and stable under load.

Even after years of use it still proves to be a reliable and smooth machine.  You may be tempted to spend more on a full functioned trainer, but this one give you everything you need at a fraction of the price.

Kettler Home Exercise/Fitness Equipment: Montana Stair Stepper Review Summary:

  • Informative LCD training computer provides workout data feedback of time, step rate, steps per workout unit, energy consumption, total height climbed, room temperature and pulse rate
  • Recovery heart rate feature allows for workouts with fitness grades from 1 to 6; Features textured anti-slip footplates to ensure safety
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic piston cylinders have easy-to-adjust resistance settings from 1 to 12 to increase or decrease tempo as well as adjust for users of different weights
  • Ergonomically shaped handlebars with durable rubber grip surfaces guarantee safe exercising, even in different and unusual positions
  • Includes infrared earlobe clip heart rate sensor and built-in floor levelers to level unit even on uneven surfaces; Weight capacity of 250 pounds