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What are the benefits of using a Stair Stepper Machine

Stair stepper machines have become increasingly common in homes and gyms across the country.  With regular use, they are an excellent way of burning fat, toning muscle and keeping fit.  If you are looking to achieve real results from your workout a Stair Stepper is a great choice.

Stair Stepper
Stair Steppers to the Left, Ellipticals to the right

How do Stair Steppers Work?

The beauty of stair steppers is that they provide a great, safe cardio workout by simulating the actions of walking up stairs. The reason this makes for such a good workout is that it allows for a very low impact workout and can be either a light workout or leave you gasping for breath at the end of it.

There are two basic types the most expensive options are virtual staircases:

An easy way to imagine them is a small escalator with maybe 2 or 3 visible steps.  The workout is basically climbing up the ‘down’ stars.  The steps will keep coming down to you and all you need to do is match the speed and keep up with the stair case.

Twister Stepper ReviewFor a budget option is to have the feet on two platforms that move up and down, these can come in many shapes and sizes from large commercial gym equipment to entry level machines such as the sunny stepper.

Are Stair Steppers suitable for Weight Loss?

If you are looking to loose weight then stair steppers can be a great alternative to jogging or other more intense cardio workouts.  The low impact will ensure that your joints and muscles are not injured during the workout, as there is no shocks to the body.

Building Muscle and toning with Stair Steppers.

Because stair steppers is a cardio workout it won’t build muscle.  What it will do is make your leg muscles have more stamina so you will feel better doing day to day tasks, like walking and climbing.  If you want bigger muscles then you need to lift heavy weights!  The biggest benefit to your leg muscles will be the fat your are burning will make your legs look fantastic as they tone up.

How many calories can I burn on a stepper?

This is a tricky one, the answer depends on how hard you workout.  For a beginner, you can expect to burn about 300-400 calories in a 40 minute workout.  As you become fitter and increase your intensity then you will burn more and more until you top out at about 500-600 calories in a 40 minute workout.  The heavier you are the more calories you will burn during the workout.

What should I consider before buying one?

When looking to buy a stair stepper then its always worth working out how much you will use it, how much spare space you have and your budget.

One of the issues with stair steppers is that they are quite bulky.  Unlike treadmills and indoor bikes they need quite a lot of headroom, as you will be climbing up the stairs like a mini escalator.

Budget wise these machines can become quite expensive, top models cost thousands.  However if you are looking for a low cost option then you can look at mini steppers that provide a great workout for very little money.

Our Pick of Stair Steppers.

Best for Size and Price: Sunny and Health Twister Stepper

Sunny & Health Twist and Stepper Review

The most compact and also most affordable stair stepper is they hugely popular Sunny and Health Twister Stepper.

Due to its compact form you can use it under your desk at work, or while sitting in front of the TV.  Its essentially a small elliptical machine, it even has built in resistance bands to work your arms out at the same time as your legs.

The best thing is the price, its RSP is only $99, however you can find them for much less than this on Amazon.

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Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

stamina in motion elliptical

While the Sunny and Health stepper provides a  great and affordable workout, its perhaps not the most attractive units on the market.  If you want something that gives great performance and looks stylish then starting at about $80 is the Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer. We have shown the orange version, its also in Grey and Green.

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Commercial Grade Mini Stepper: Xiser Mini Stepper

Xiser Mini Stepper

If you are only looking for the best, the Xiser Mini Stepper is made from Aircraft grade aluminium, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.   This is without doubt the best mini stepper on the market.  It does come at a higher price tag than the Sunny and Health Twister, this brings a much smoother motion, and a significantly higher weight limit.

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