Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper Review

Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper Review

Are you sitting down?  Great! If you are new to Steppers and looking for the best then the Xiser Mini Stairmaster is the one.  Thing is it weighs in at over $400.  This is alot of money for what looks like a very simple device.

If you are the type of person who prefers to buy “cheap buy twice”, then perhaps this is not for you.  However if you like to buy a product that will last for years then maybe this is worth a look.

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Our Detailed Analysis of the Xiser Mini Stairmaster:

Strong yet light FrameXiser Commercial Portable Stepper Reviews

Airplanes are made from Aluminum, because its the strongest lightest material available.  My mountain bike frame is made from the same stuff.

The Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper is also made from aluminum.  As you can see from the images, each of the main components is cast from a mould.  This makes the frame extremely strong, able to support users of over 400lbs. It is also light enough at 14lbs to be easily moved.

Hydraulic Resistance

Keeping with the aircraft theme briefly.  To move the wing ailerons of the airplane the cockpit controls are connected by pipes filled with fluid.  This gives the pilot great control over the plane, as fluid cannot be compressed.  Any tiny input on the controls is translated instantly to the wing.

Cheap steppers might link each footplate with air, or a pulley, or even have them independent on springs.  This means that there is slack in the movement.  This can reduce the stability of the stepper, and makes for an uneven motion.

Made in the USA

With its Patented, and USA made hydraulic cylinders, the Xiser delivers an amazingly precise, smooth and quiet action.

There are a number of resistance settings, controlled by a simple knob on the frame.  You can select from a high speed, running action, or a slower walk in seconds.


Actually the Xiser is pretty big for a stepper.  In one of the video clips you can see the Xiser side by side with another make.  The length of the Xiser stepper has been carefully calculated to make it stable even during the most intense workouts.

Thanks to its aluminum construction however, the weight is a scant 14 lbs, making this highly portable.  If you are an instructor then you would have no problems carrying this round the city to clients homes.

Also, and again thanks to the aluminum it is incredibly strong.  There are no welded components that might introduce a weak spot in the construction.

How long to assemble?

Actually this is probably the quickest assembling exercise equipment on the market.  The First time may take a minute or so, but you could easily do it blindfolded!

All you have to do is align the hydraulic pistons, and attach the two cables.  Thats it. No tools or configuration is required.


This stepper comes with a 5 year consumer and 1 year institutional warranty.


21 x 13 x 14 inches

14 pounds

What are other user reviews saying?

This is without doubt one of the highest quality pieces of fitness equipment available.  So much thought has been put into the design and construction.

The result is an incredible 4.8 out of 5 star reviews, from over 60 satisfied customers.

“The Best, Most Portable Stepper Ever!!!”

“It is now nearly a year later, and this stepper has more than held up…and I now weigh 136! I recommend this product even more than before. I have travelled with it and use it every day in short spurts (i.e. 2-4 minutes) and it is great for the knees.” – from a user who’s other steppers lasted just three months on average.’

“LOVE LOVE LOVE! And lost 15 pounds!”

Normally at this point I would show you a link to a list of pros and cons.  As it stands, there are really no issues with this product so:

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Any Negatives?

Well I guess if I was struggling then I could say over $400 is a lot to spend on a stepper.  However this really is justifiable as the build quality and design makes the Xiser incomparable to other models on the market.

Summary of Features

  • Five Year Consumer Warranty, One year institutional warranty
  • Cast Aluminum Alloy, Weighs only 14 lbs, Withstands weight in excess of 400 lbs
  • Patented Hydraulic Cylinder System, Patented Hydraulic Cylinder System, Adjustable resistance
  • Responds to your effort and ability, Silicone fluid for smooth & quiet operation,
  • Made in the USA

How does the Xiser compare to other models (four parts):


Summary and Verdict of the Xiser Mini StairmasterXiser Commercial Portable Stepper USA

If you are looking for a high quality portable stepper then this is it.  There is no where to go above the Xiser.  You could buy cheaper, of course, however you will get about 4-5 months use out of it and be looking to replace it again.

Xiser have done something rare for companies these days, the have created a great product that is designed to last.  With its near perfect review record and outstanding quality the Xiser is well worth the money.

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Black Review Summary:

  • Cast Aircraft Alloy
  • Ergonomically Optimum Design
  • Light Weight 14 lbs.(Portable), NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED
  • 100% Made in USA Parts and Labor since 1977
  • The first stepping machine and only step sprint trainer on the market