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Top 5 Best Winter Running Hats for 2018

 Winter Running Hat

Winter is coming!

And, as a runner, you need to be prepared!  Running in the winter months requires a little more preparation and planning than summer running.  You want to keep warm and safe, but you definitely want to also avoid overheating.  This is why a winter running hat is such an important piece of kit.  The US Army Field Manual claimed that you lose 40 – 45% of your body heat from your head.  Without adequate protection from a well-designed running hat, it is highly likely that your performance will suffer when running in low temperatures.

Why do I need a specialist running hat?
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There are many reasons – warmth, protection, performance.  First and foremost, winter running hats are designed to give you protection and warmth, but also to wick away sweat and prevent overheating.  The type of material that these hats are made from are quite different from winter hats used for general day-to-day use.   Most winter running hats are made from man-made materials that tend to have excellent wicking properties, whilst still retaining warmth.   Some winter running hats also have anti-bacterial properties so you can maintain good hygiene at the same time!   Finally, several winter running hats have added safety features such as florescent strips making it easier to be seen by passing traffic when running in the dark.

What about running gloves?

We have a great article that recommends the 5 best running gloves under $30:  Top 5 Best Winter Running Gloves for 2018 under $30

Which running hats do you recommend?

Here is our list of the top 5 running hats for 2018

The 4ucycling Thermal Skull Cap is one of the best-selling winter running hats on Amazon.

Made from fleece with 10% spandex, it fits easily for comfort and size. This hat can also be worn under a helmet too. This hat is therefore also popular with boarders, cyclists and skiers.

The 4ucycling Skull cap also has an incredibly warm and comfortable windproof layer around the ears and neck for added protection.

The Knit Beanie Skull Cap is a super-soft hat available in loads of different styles and colors.

While the hat is only one size its nice and stretchy and will fit all head sizes no problem. We love the style, with its classic chunky look.

The Tough Running Beanie rates 4.7 stars on Amazon and is described as light-weight, thin and compact.

Not only that but it's also awesome at providing an extra layer while running in cool weather (or under a helmet in other sports). It is available in black, grey, white, orange and yellow.

For women (or men!) with long hair , this ponytail headband is perfect for winter workouts. This headband provides

  • Warmth and protection from the elements
  • A useful frame around the face which helps tuck away stray hairs
  • A ponytail hole so you can tie your hair back and still gain the benefits of wearing winter headgear.

For super-cold days, this mask and headband bundle from Self Pro will not only help keep your head and ears warm, but will provide an extra layer between the freezing air you breathe in and your lungs! If you are serious about cold weather running, this is just the job! We love its flexibility, from a full on Balaclava to wear while warming up, or a simple neck gaiter and back again effortlessly.


Cold days no longer need to be an excuse for avoiding running.  With these versatile and stylish running hats, you can keep fit while keeping warm!

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