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The Best Home Treadmills for 2014

Treadmills are becoming essential workout kits. When looking for best home treadmills, your main focus should be on machine capability to withstand intense workouts over a considerable time. The reliability and efficiency of motor is one thing that you have to inspect when determining the strength of the machine. Other considerations may be how comfy the machine is, the treadmill should have a large track surface and a built in shock absorbing system. The larger the track surface the more workouts can be done on the machine hence suitable for those who are after intense workouts.

Lastly, the treadmill features do not go unnoticed. Depending on the kinds of poses you intend to do, there are treadmills with additional features like inclined track surface, automated speed regulator e.tc that you may prefer when you are doing your daily workouts. The following are some of the best home treadmills for 2014.

1 Lifespan TR1200itr1200i_rearview_review

The Lifespan TR1200i is particularly appealing to all users by its capability to withstand strenuous workouts over long periods. This machine is installed with runner’s flex cushioning that brings a feeling similar to running on the road and also can be adjusted different surface feelings thanks to excellent shock absorbing features.

The treadmill also has an additional 15+ onboard workout poses alongside other  programs that come with its iFit. Other auxiliary features include web browser and in built television that are make your workouts more enjoyable. When is comes to cooling system and room to move , this treadmill is a real genius, it has 22 inch wide track and dual fans on its console.

2 Sole S77

Sole S77 Treadmill ReviewThis machine picks a spot among the best home treadmills of 2014 because of it strong motor and its great installed workouts programs. The Sole S77 is also cheaper making it competitive compared to other treadmills in this category. With an extra wide track surface, inbuilt excellent shock absorbing system and strong warranties the Sole S77 assure its users reduced injuries instances.

Some of the workouts programs found in the treadmill include; weight loss workout, heart rate, interval workouts and endurances workouts, ensuring there is always one or two workouts that can work well for every member at home. Its entertainment system include built in speaker and an audio port for its users.


3 NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro

This treadmill is meant for serious runners, it has a extra wide track surface 22 by 60 inches wide and a 4.25 C.H.P motor. The NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro inbuilt adjustable shock absorber and cushion allows its users to set the machine to the levels that are right for them; this is helpful for someone who plans to use the treadmill to run more often because it will minimize back and joint pains. It also has strong warranties that enable the machine to be used in a variety of workouts including endurance, weight loss or distance workout e.tc. The entertainment system found on it is one of a kind; inbuilt speakers, audio port, iFit capabilities and internet browser; you can never be bored when using this machine.

4 Smooth 9.65LC

Smooth Fitness 9.65 LC Treadmill (2014 Model)

Smooth 9.65LC offers an extra long track surface and best warranties you can ever find on a treadmill, thus excellent for anyone who is looking for a treadmill for running. It has 4.0 C.H.P motor which is very strong enough to handle strenuous and endurance poses without yielding. Although, it does not have the best entertainment system, it’s programmed onboard smooth virtual trainer makes up for all these omissions. It contains all running course from all over the world and offers a room for upgrades whenever you need more courses installed on this treadmill. Above all these, there is an option to store the data for your workouts information for future review.

5  Sole F65

Sole Fitness F65 Treadmill ReviewThe Sole F65 treadmill finishes the list for the best home treadmills for 2014. It costs less than all the treadmills on this list and is suitable for frequent exercisers. The Sole F65 has strong warranties and a 3.25 C.H.P motor that can suite any runner who wants either smooth or strenuous workouts. In addition to these features, this treadmill has a 15% inclination and 44 installed workouts programs to help you cut down your calories.

An excellent treadmill is one which enables you to slip into your own natural strides when doing your workouts. When choosing a treadmill, pick on one with wider track surface for better workouts.  Best still – it costs under $1000!