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ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike Review

The ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike Provides a New Spin on a New on an Old Standby.

ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike Review

Every year a new product or invention comes out that promises even more health benefits and weight loss than the ones that came out the year before. It adds bells and whistles onto the bells and whistles from last year’s model and the company tries to convince you this is what’s necessary to keep in shape. Unfortunately for them, people are realizing that getting and staying healthy is about simple exercise that can be done regularly without risking injury or causing boredom. This is why I love the ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike.

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Why a Recumbent Bike?

The ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike deviates from the traditional bicycle shape by bringing the seat down and lower to the ground. Your seat is almost parallel to the pedals, as opposed to being above them. This ergonomic design has begun winning favor with many riders, especially those who solely use stationary bikes. While the traditional style may make steering easier, you probably won’t need to take many sharp turns in the comfort of your home.

With a recumbent bike, the “handlebars” are left down at the side of the seat. This allows your arms to hang naturally, alleviating the tension that can come from constantly engaging your hands, wrists and arms. You’re also not dependent on them for balance, so you can read a book, work on your tablet or separate the kids while you continue getting a great workout.

Leave Back Pain in the Rearview Mirror

The benefit I like most about the ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike is my back gets to take it easy. I don’t have to tell people with bad backs how uncomfortable, ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike Consoleirritating and even painful riding a traditional bike can be. Those of you who are lucky enough to have a healthy back might not be so lucky if you keep riding the traditional style workout bikes. Exercise is enough work as it is; you shouldn’t have to worry about old aches and pains finding new life with your new workout equipment.

Fortunately, the ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike encourages a relaxed, natural recline in your body, which doesn’t force the spine to bend through the back and neck. While your glutes will actually get a better workout from the angle you’re pedaling from, your butt won’t feel as many aches and pains from long rides spent sitting at a traditional angle. What’s the point of getting that backside in gear if you constantly need to lie down from the pain?

The Best in Technology

The ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike leaves its traditional competition in the dust simply by having a better design. But this model also bests its fellow recumbent bikes as well because of all the extra features. Unlike the aforementioned bells and whistles that, at best, don’t provide anything useful and, at worst, get in the way, the ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike has some technological benefits worth getting excited over.

Bells and Whistles Worth the Noise

When you’re using your ProForm 6.0 Recumbent Bike, you can look straight ahead at updated statistics related to your workout. Never again finish a workout thinking you must have gone at least ten miles, only to find out you barely cleared two. This bike will provide you with event-specific training, video workouts, Google Maps to give a realistic idea of how far you would be biking to and other fitness tracking tools. With over twenty workout apps designed by a Certified Personal Trainer, you get the benefits of meeting a professional trainer at the gym without having to worry about how you look or how they’re going to smell.
Proform 6.0 ES Recumbant Bike Console
As you start seeing results, the ProForm 6.0 Recumbent Bike can be adjusted to offer even more resistance. When you use this recumbent bike, there is never a shortage of hills you need to work hard to climb. Sorry about that.

What are other reviews saying about the Proform 6.0 ES?

“Early days, but so far so good.”

The bike is very solid, quiet, and for my wife and I, very comfortable – She’s 5’5″, I’m 5’6″. After a 7.5 mile ride today the only part of me that was sore were my quads, which is how it should be.

“Sits comfortably. Seat is well padded. Console is easy to understand/learn/very intuitive.”

Any Negatives?

Well this is a big bike and will take a couple of hours to put together.  With two people to help most seem to manage in about 1.5 hours.


The ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike is the workout answer a lot of us have been looking for. It provides a convenient exercise I don’t need to leave the house or brave the elements to enjoy. At the same time, it’s not some new wave product that looks great but doesn’t bring results. This product is the ultimate combination of convenience and outcome. Although it’s a stationary bike, this model comes with wheels so I can move it out of the way when finished.
For me, the best part is I can get the cardio workout I want without it being the last thing I do that day. My bad back has always put me at odds with running, rollerblading and especially biking.

If you have been putting off a workout regiment because you think you need some ridiculous new monstrosity or your body has always hurt too much in the past, try the ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike and get pedaling toward better health today.

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