Livestrong Spin Bike, Indoor Cycle, LS9.9IC-2 Review (Discontinued)

Livestrong Indoor Cycle, LS9.9IC-2 Review

 Unfortunately it looks like Livestrong have stopped their partnership with Johnstone Fitness and their bikes are currently not available.

If you are looking for some alternatives there are a couple to consider:

Alternative Options to the Livestrong Indoor Cycle:

For the best money can buy (>$1500) then you could look at the Keiser M3 bike

Keiser M3

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At the similar level /spec to the LS9.9 then there is the great Sole SB 700

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

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I am a massive fan of spinning, apart from the odd 5km run this is about all the cardio I do at the gym.  Normally I do the classes, there is nothing like sprinting with a high resistance load to get the heart going!

The LIVESTRONG Spin Bike LS9.9IC-2 is an great product designed to get the most out of their workouts:

It is perfect for people who are always on-the-go and have no time to squeeze in an exercise before heading home.
It is also great for anyone who is looking for:
• A regular cardiovascular workout to keep fit and healthy
• An intense workout to lose weight and tone up
• An indoor supplement to outdoor cycling
• A stress-reliever after work

If you’re looking for an indoor cycle that allows you to make the most out of your workout, the LIVESTRONG Indoor Cycle LS9.9IC-2 would make for a terrific investment. Because it is quiet and comfortable, you can even watch the television or listen to your favorite tunes while you’re cycling.

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About the Company

LIVESTRONG is a subsidiary of Johnson Fitness, one of the biggest fitness manufacturers in the world. The company consists of some of the most respected brands in the industry such as Matrix, Vision, AFG, and Horizon. It is also the preferred sporting goods manufacturer of a number of high-end health clubs and specialty fitness retailers around the world.

What sets the LIVESTRONG fitness brand apart is its commitment to fighting cancer. Because of its partnership with the LIVESTRONG foundation, the brand is considered a symbol of hope, inspiration and cancer survivorship.

For every purchase of any LIVESTRONG product, the company donates a minimum of $4 million to the LIVESTRONG foundation and the fight to against cancer.

About the LIVESTRONG Indoor Cycle LS9.9IC-2

The LIVESTRONG LS9.9IC-2 comes with advanced features that make it one of the best spinning bikes available in the market.

Its key features include:

Body and Frame.

It is built with top-grade materials that will meet the demands of any rider for the years to come. Not only is it designed carefully to mimic a real road bike feel, it is also guaranteed to withstand everyday use. In addition, its dual-sided aluminum pedal and cage with toe clips and straps give your feet a secure position as you ride.

Internal Specifications.

The machine is equipped with a perfectly-balanced 40-pound flywheel and Kevlar belt system that provides a smooth, quiet ride consistently and at all times.  Its the heavy flywheel that gives the resistance to the training.  By being so heavy you can get an extremely smooth workout, and the kevlar belt means that it is virtually silent when running.

Seat and Handlebars.

This spinning bike is ergonomically-designed to ensure a comfortable riding position for users of all body shapes and sizes. Its seats and handlebars are fully-adjustable, ensuring minimal strain and proper posture while riding.

Console Display.

The on-sole computer allows you to track and monitor your progress easily. It displays real-time feedback for all important workout metrics such as RPM, time, distance and calories burned through 3 LED windows.

What are others saying?

“This is a very high quality machine. The drivetrain is finely tuned and is virtually silent. “

“The bike is built like a tank, very stable, and very smooth/easy to ride.”

In a nutshell – this seems like a solid bike and I am glad I bought it, and I am putting lots of miles on it. “

Any Negatives:

One issue that keeps cropping up is the pedals.  Personally I train in trainers, so this is not an issue for me, however a number of reviewers have commented on the lack of cleated pedals.  If you want to use cleats, the you will have to buy a pair separately, or you could consider the Fitness Master X Series Momentum Indoor Cycling Bike which comes with cleats as standard.


All in all, the LIVESTRONG Indoor Cycle LS9.9IC-2 is such a great product, especially for its price.  When it comes to exercise bikes you do get what you pay for.  With the Livestrong you are getting top quality engeneering, a solid frame that can support the strongest riders and a high quality finish to the bike

If you’re interested in getting one for your home, shop at and avail of their no-hassle free shipping and additional warranty options.

Alternative Options to the Livestrong LS9.9IC:

For the best money can buy (>$1500) then you could look at the Keiser M3 bike

See best price Read our Full Review

At the similar level /spec to the LS9.9 then there is the great Sole SB 700

See Best Price Read our Full Review