Gold’s Gym 310 Elliptical Stride Trainer Review

Gold's Gym 310 Elliptical Stride TrainerEvery once in a while a product comes along that you think, its so cheap but is it worth the money.  The Golds Gym 310 Elliptical is such a machine.

At less than three hundred bucks it looks like a great buy.  For less than a couple month gym membership you can train and get fit in the comfort of your own home.

If that were the case fine, go for it.

However lets just pick apart this deal and see what it is you are actually getting.

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Stride Length.

We would recommend a minimum of a 20″ stride for an average person, if you are a little shorter than average you might get away with an 18″ stride model .  The Golds Gym 310 packs 14″,  Yes just 14″ little inches of stride.  This will feel like you are shuffling along, rather than a nice comfortable elliptical motion.


The machine claims 250lbs, I weigh less than that and do not feel comfortable getting on this machine.  The flimsy steel tubes, tiny welds and narrow footplates combine to make this feel very fragile indeed.  It feels like its going to topple at any moment.

Most users find that this machine is very noisy to use, with various clicks, squeaks and clanks coming from the mechanism.  If you feel handy with an oil can and spanner then you might just be able to remove most of these noises.


Following hot on the heels of the poor durability is a measly 90 day warranty.  This speaks volumes about how reliable this machine is.

Ease of Use.

Now actually its quite simple and easy to use, there are 10 resistance levels that can challenge you and get your heart rate up.   The display does a good job timing the workout and giving clear feedback.


Actually if you only have $300 to spend and want an elliptical trainer this isn’t a bad choice.  If you are serious about fitness, and want something that will last a few years we would suggest spending a little more and going for something like the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer its about $650 and will last more than twice as long.

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