Body Champ BF700 Deluxe Indoor Cycle Trainer Review (Discontinued)

Body Champ BF700 Deluxe Indoor Cycle Trainer


This bike is now discontinued. We recommend the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer as the best replacement.

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If you’re into indoor cycling, you will find the Body Champ BF700 Deluxe Indoor Cycle Trainer a great fitness tool for your home.

Aside from being very simple to use, it also comes at a really affordable price point. Not only will you have the body you’ve always wanted, you also get to save on gym membership and paying for spinning classes. Plus, nothing beats exercising in the comforts of your own home. You will no longer be subject to bad weather and long queues in the gym.

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Who is the Body Champ BF700 Deluxe Indoor Cycle Trainer for?

The Body Champ BF700 Deluxe Indoor Cycle Trainer is perfect for individuals who are not big fans of the gym. It’s also ideal for those who are starting to get serious on their fitness goals. Aside from the amateurs and beginners, it’s also a great supplementary workout for outdoor cyclists and professional athletes who want to squeeze in additional training in the comfort of their homes.

Why should I buy the Body Champ BF700 Deluxe Indoor Cycle Trainer?

Product quality

The entire body of the Body Champ BF700 Deluxe Indoor Cycle Trainer is a single piece constructed from heavy gauge welded metal tubes with a nice grey powder coat paint finish.  Apart from the bike’s sturdy build, it is also designed to withstand long-term and everyday use.

In addition, its internal specifications are top-of-the-line. This Deluxe Indoor Cycle Trainer promises effective fat-burning workouts with superb riding momentum and maximum comfort. It features a 30-lb.steel-shell flywheel with patented technology that allows you to get that authentic road bike feel without the unnecessary noise.

Comfort & safety

The Body Champ BF700 Deluxe Indoor Cycle comes with a wide gel-comfort seat, and dual-purpose safety emergency brake & friction pad. Not only will this help you find a comfortable riding position, it also helps build stability, thereby reducing your risk of injury. More so, its streamlined handlebar design allows you to build upper body strength while boosting the benefits of your cardio workout.

Because ergonomics is at the heart of this bike’s design, you would find it very easy to maintain proper posture during your workouts. Not only will this ensure that your cardio workouts will be effective, smooth, and fluid, you also won’t put unnecessary stress on your knees and joints.

The fly wheel weight is a hefty 30lb. This is a good weight for a bike of this price, and should provide a smooth spin experience.


It does come with a warranty, the Body Champ BF700 is backed by a 5-year frame, 2-year parts and 90-day upholstery warranty.  If you order through amazon you can also upgrade this to a 5 year warranty.

Pros of the Body Champ BF700

For an exercise bike it is equipped with an extremely comfortable saddle.  Wide and well padded it makes the workout much more relaxing.

Combine the saddle with a well thought out ergonomic cockpit, with ideally placed handle bars and this is one of the most comfortable spin bikes on the market.

Any Issues?

This is a no frills bike, there are precisely zero gadgets here.  I actually like this, and feel like I am pitting myself against the bike!

What are others saying?

“Very comfortable and sturdy piece of equipment, a good value”

Overview (5/5): Very solid/well built piece of equipment, comfortable and easier on my knees than most gym bikes due to the seat, pedal, handle bar positioning, pretty easy to assemble (~10 min for 11 nuts/bolts), all the tools for assembly are included, great overall value, a welcome addition to my growing home gym.

“Excellent bike!”

There are a few things that set this spin bike apart from others in its price range. First of all, it uses rounded frame tubing rather than rectangular frame tubing. This makes the bike look sleek, elegant, and more expensive than it is. It also makes the bike look less bulky and less industrial.

In Summary

If you are looking for an excellent indoor cycle that won’t break the bank, check out and purchase the Body Champ BF700 Deluxe Indoor Cycle Trainer. It also comes with a free water bottle and a bottle holder, just in case you need to hydrate before, during or after your workout.

Truth be told, it is definitely one of the most budget-friendly choices out there, plus it is also highly unbeatable in terms of durability and performance.

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