Best Calf Compression Sleeves / Skins / Guards Review to help you choose you with confidance

Calf Compression Sleeves are becoming increasingly popular with more and more new brands coming onto the market.  We are often asked by runners on treadmills what the best calf sleeves are for recovery, pain relief and of course the dreaded shin splints are.

We have been trying 5 of the best in our round up of the Best Calf Compression Sleeves Review many of the products have special offers available so where appropriate we have included the offer codes and vouchers:

1: 2XU Compression Calf Guards

2xu-Calf-Compression-Sleeve review

The first brand to kick off our round up of Calf Skins is the biggest hitter in the Calf Sleeve market the Australian brand 2XU. Being from Australia they are perfectly designed for warmer climates. we like the feel and look of these, the fabric was quite thin, yet provided good support and pressure. 2XU have worked with the Australian institute of sport to ensure that the pressure levels were optimised for athletes. This ensures that you have the just the right pressure over the calfs for endurance and recovery.

We found that these sleeves were a little on the short side, but this was not an issue as they still proved well fitting and comfortable.

Our biggest issue with the 2XU is the price a pair of these reaches over $30!

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2: McDavid 441 Calf Sleeve

mcdavid 441 calf sleeve reviewMcDavid takes a different view on their range of calf sleeves to 2XU.  Their calf sleeves are designed to both compress the calf and warm it.  This is vital for fast repair.  If you are prone to knots or tightness in the calf after exercising then it could be cooling down to fast.  This is where the McDavid compression sleeve comes in.  By keeping the calfs warm it can speed up the recovery.

The big difference between these and the 2XU is that they are made from neoprene rather than lycra.  This makes them thicker and provides great insulation.

We found the fit generally good, however the price was a limiting factor, as they cost $15 for a single sleeve, so about $30 for the pair


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3:Meister Leg Sleeves for Shin Splints

Meister Leg Sleeves review

These calf sleeves offer a premium performance at a budget price, the pair is just $20, which is excellent value. Like the 2XU these are more like normal socks, with a thin fabric, which is well ventilated. This makes them good for warmer environments, or all day use if you are on your feet. The ventilation really helps with keeping the temperature down, and these can be comfortably worn under jogging bottoms.

They are also very durable, they can endure multiple washes, and are incredibly stretchy without any give. If you are looking for a more affordable version of the 2XU then this makes a great choice.

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4: Zensah Calf / Shin Splint Compression Sleeve


6045-White-MLike the Meister the Zensah calf sleeves are simple fabric sleeves and are designed to deal with Shin Splints.  And like the McDavid splints they come in single packs.  This means that you will have to buy a pair to deal with most common injuries. This can put the price up. Like McDavid sleeves they come in a huge range of colours, however they are not neoprene, so they lack the warmth that the McDavids Sleeves offer.

Buying per sleeve they are quite expensive, however being available singly allows you to pick and mix your colours.

There are no offers or vouchers available on the Zensah sleeves,

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Summary of our top three best compression Sleeves:

Product nameRating Price
2XU Compression Calf Guards, Black/Black, Small 2XU Compression Calf Guards $43.06
BeVisible Sports Calf Compression Sleeve (1 Pair, Black) BeVisible Sports Calf Compression Sleeve $18.97
McDavid 441 Deluxe Calf Sleeve (Black,Large) McDavid 441 Deluxe Calf Sleeve $7.91
Meister Graduated 20-25mmHg Compression Running Leg Sleeves for Shin Splints (Pair) - Black - Medium Meister Compression Leg Sleeves $19.99
Zensah Calf/Shin Splint Compression Sleeve (single sleeve), Aqua, Large/X-Large Zensah Calf/Shin Splint Compression Sleeve (single sleeve) $18.71

Our Pick of the Best Calf Compression Sleeves:

There are many great choices for Calf Support on the market.  From old favorites from 2XU and Meister.  However we love the quality and style of the new Sleeves from BeVisible  .  The big advantage for us is the price, they come as a pair, which is incredibly useful when you are training frequently. Even if you only need one it’s great to have a clean spare to hand.  Plus its also had a raft of other 5 star reviews.  They are offering a discount for new customers if they buy from amazon by entering code CFSAVE15 at the check out for an extra 15% off.

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