Chase Down Your Fitness Goal with the Weslo Pursuit R 2.2

Weslo Pursuit R 2.2 ReviewChase Down Your Fitness Goal with the Weslo Pursuit R 2.2

Cardiovascular exercise has far-reaching effects besides simply being good for your lungs and legs. The heart and circulatory system also get a good workout when you exert yourself through cardio. Your metabolism can actually be altered by consistent cardio and, obviously, weight loss can occur. Everyone knows getting enough cardio is important to proper health and fitness. But that doesn’t make it any easier sometimes. Between work, family and social obligations, the weather and unforeseen scheduling, it can be difficult to devote the time proper cardio deserves. This is why so many people have opted for exercise bikes they can use inside. If you have been thinking about joining these people and taking control of your cardio requirements, try the Weslo Pursuit R 2.2.

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Cardio Kept Simple

A trend in fitness right now seems to be adding as many components onto a machine as possible, as if this is the magic formula to better health. The great thing about this exercise bike is it keeps things simple. Everything from the design of the Weslo Pursuit R 2.2 to its features is streamlined for efficiency. There aren’t a ton of bells and whistles I’ll never use getting in the way and inflating the price. One of the best things about cardio is it’s simple by nature. I don’t want to pay extra in order to complicate it. There’s no need for all the extras. Some days it’s hard enough finding the time and energy to get a workout in; I appreciate that the Weslo Pursuit R 2.2 doesn’t make it any harder. Starting and stopping is as easy as getting on the bike and pushing a button.

Features to Enhance Your Workout

That’s not to say the Weslo Pursuit R 2.2 doesn’t come with features. It’s that the machine doesn’t come with a bunch of unnecessary ones. Unlike other machines I’ve used, I never forget the right sequence of buttons or accidentally push the wrong one and end up needing to start the process over again. The exercise bike does feature an RPM Meter Dual-Grip EKG, which is great because I can monitor my heart and speed without any uncomfortable instruments to wear. All I have to do is keep holding on to the ergonomic handlebars.

The Weslo Pursuit R 2.2 also comes with six workout apps to choose from. Their programs, all of which were designed by a Certified Personal Trainer, range from focusing on burning calories to improving muscle tone. After I pick one, the bike uses my body’s feedback to display where I am in the workout and how I am doing. This helps keep a repetitive exercise like bicycling from getting boring. I can always customize my workout too by using the adjustable magnetic resistance to make my ride harder or easier. As I have gotten better, this has helped me get a better workout without having to spend more time than before. The LCD screen on the front console also makes for a great display. Among other things, it can display a target pacer, so I always have a goal ahead of me to keep motivation high when using the Weslo Pursuit R 2.2.

Built to Ride

The machine itself comes with transport wheels, which makes moving the bike back to its corner when I’m done no cause for more sweat. Its steel frame can support two-hundred-and-fifty pounds and comes with a ninety-day warranty. While the bike was easy to put together, the result is a sturdy machine. Between that and the toe cages included, I don’t have to worry I might take an actual spill. Sitting on the adjustable, soft seat also goes a long way in both comfort and support.

If you have been putting off cardio because you haven’t had the time or the weather hasn’t been right or it’s been too long, give the Weslo Pursuit R 2.2 a try. Having it in your house takes away lots of the excuses. You can bike for as long as you have the time at an intensity that’s comfortable for you. Unlike biking outside, you won’t be stranded miles away if you decide you’ve gone as far as possible. While it’s a no frills exercise machine, it does provide enough features to keep work outs interesting.

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