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Weslo Pro CTX Exercise Bike Review

Weslo Pro CTX Exercise BikeIf you’re one of those people who dread exercise, here’s a great spinning bike that will easily make you change your mind. The Weslo Pro CTX is designed with durability and comfort in mind to make exercising as enjoyable as can be… all without leaving the confines of your home.

Truth is – with a positive mindset and the right fitness gear – you’d never ever think why you hated exercise in the first place.
This bike is Currently Discontinued.  We would recommend the Sunny Health as a great alternative

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review Summary:

For the lowest cost entry into indoor cycling there is only one real choice. The hugely popular Sunny and Health Indoor Pro. With its chain drive and fixed handle bars it may lack some of the refinement of the Indoor Cycle Trainer. The best thing is that at under $300 its value is hard to beat.

What Makes the Weslo Pro CTX Exercise Bike Unique?

Not all exercise bikes are made equal. Take the Weslo Pro CTX Exercise Bike, for example.

Built with steel frame and high-quality materials, this indoor cycling equipment is designed for everyday use and maximum durability.

Not only is it a great entry-level exercise bike for newbies, the Weslo Pro CTX Exercise Bike is also packed with top quality features to meet the needs of fitness buffs looking for a high performance exercise bike for their workouts.

To create a comfortable ride for all people, it has an innovative chain drive system and a smooth 30lb flywheel that make for a perfectly natural cycling experience. It is also equipped with pedals with toe cages and straps, as well as a quick-stop braking system that allow you to start and stop anytime, all while maintaining great balance and stability. It also has an adjustable vertical seat cushioned for supreme comfort making the indoor cycling experience truly pleasurable.

Additionally, the Weslo Pro CTX is equipped with a felt resistance system with an adjustable knob that allows you to adjust your workout levels appropriate to your needs. The Pro CTX also has a multi-grip system and an adjustable handle bar. It also comes with a bottle holder, so you can easily quench your thirst during the workout.

Where Can I Purchase the Weslo Pro CTX Exercise Bike?

The Weslo Pro CTX Exercise Bike is available for purchase at Amazon.com for a really great price. There are no shipping and handling charges, so you don’t have to worry about paying more for such a great product. Plus, with Amazon.com, you are assured that your Pro CTX is equipped a 3-Year Frame Warranty and a 90-Day Parts & Labor Warranty. You can even buy additional warranty from Amazon.

If you’re planning to give the Pro CTX as a gift, Amazon.com makes it easy for you to do so!

In Summary

If you’re ready to get your fitness plans in full gear, you don’t have to go far to the woods to get them going. All you have to do is invest in one great fitness product that is the Weslo Pro CTX Exercise Bike and cycle in the comforts of your own home… even while watching TV.

With an exercise bike as affordable and sturdy as the Weslo Pro CTX Exercise Bike, you’ll definitely change your mind about exercise.

Not only does the bike give you a great workout, it also comes at an incredible price. What else can you ask for?
This bike is Currently Discontinued.  We would recommend the Sunny Health as a great alternative