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Training using Treadmills

How to get the most from your training!

Treadmill can be defined as a machine which a person perform an act of running or walking on it while it remains on the same position.Proform Power 995i Runner

Basically, there is a belt which rotate on it. When the belt is rotating, a person runs on it. This activity is more or less like walking or running; only that it is done within one place.

Development of treadmills started long time ago before the introduction of both motor and electrical powered machines. During this time, people used animals to walk treadmills to power tools and equipment. In some parts of the world, treadmills were used as a mode of punishing criminals who have committed less serious offences like pinching a loaf of bread.

Get healthy – live longer!

Nowadays, this machine is basically used for training and doing exercises. There are various treadmill training ideas which a person can formulate through pure creativity.  A person can used treadmill as a way of achieving healthy life or with a motive of reducing weight.

Many people prefer using this machine to running in an open field due to various reasons. First of all, using this machine means that you do not have to go any further from the comfort of your home.

Advantages of treadmill training

There are many advantages of using treadmill machine when training, including:

a) Exercise can be done irrespective of the weather condition. This can be attributed to the fact that a person can do his or her exercises at the comfort of his house without having to go outside. Weather plays a major role in determining the activeness of a person. For instance, when there is a lot of heat due to sun, a person tends to get fatigued easily. On the other hand, extreme cold makes the body to be inactive. It can also cause other problems like cold flu.
b) Anybody using treadmill can adjust it to reflect on all possible terrains. In simple terms, the machine is adjustable in such a way that it will appear as if you are running uphill, down the valley or on a flat terrain. This means that it is extremely advantageous for those who would wish to train or do their exercises on certain terrains but they are not available. For a person living in a land which is extremely mountainous , treadmill machine is a solution.

c) Another benefit of treadmill machine is that speed is adjustable.

You can also measure the distance you have already covered since it is reflected on the screen. This is essential especially when you want to train yourself or do a certain amount of exercise in a given period of time. Time spent is also displayed on the screen hence it is possible to determine how long you have spent doing the exercise. Since the reality of the situation is that doing exercise is not like eating pizza, a person needs to schedule his or her time or make sure that a certain period of time has been set for doing exercise and nothing else. This will enables you attain your goal.

Why natural running might be better than a treadmill

There are many treadmill training ideas which can make exercising a very enjoyable activity; however, many people believe that treadmill machine is much inferior than either running or walking on ground.

a)Treadmill machine can be monotonous and can make a person lose his or her focus as far as exercising is concerned. With an unchaning view this is a valid point.  However some more modern treadmills now offer TV screens to help while away the time.

B) Lack of Competitive Spirit

They also argue that it has no room for competition. Unlike running on the ground, you cannot compete with your friends or relatives as a way of having fun. This machine has been designed to be used by one person at a time. This contributes a lot to boredom when doing your exercise. To reduce this, it is advisable to develop different treadmill training ideas such as competing using watch, speedometer or through determining the distance covered.

This will create a lot of fun.

b) Owning a treadmill machine can be expensive

The initial outlay can be fairly high, plus there are on going electricity costs and maintenance.  In addition there needs to be sufficient space in the house to store the treadmill.  This is fine if you have a compact folding model, but non folding machines take up considerable space.