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Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike Exercise Bike SF-RB4708 Review

SF-4708 Recumbent Bike

A superb choice for those looking for a low-impact exercise bike which supports the back and provides a comfortable cycling style.

Ideal for beginners or those with restricted mobility.

The Sunny brand has a excellent reputation for developing good quality exercise machines at reasonable prices.

Is this bike the right product for you?   This completely unbiased review will look at all the features of this SF-RB4709 Recumbent Bike and discuss any relevant pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

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What makes the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike SF-RB4708 bike unique?

This recumbent bike from Sunny Health and Fitness is fairly unique in that it gives a complete CROSS-TRAINING workout.  It is one of the very few bikes available that also has moving arm levers.

Users are able to work the upper body including the arms, chest and back.

The cycling action also helps tone the legs, thighs and butt.

In some ways, the SF-RB4708 is much like an elliptical trainer, without the requirement to be in a standing position or put loading on the back joints and muscles.

What are the benefits of the Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent Bike?

There are major benefits in using a recumbent bike that has moveable arms:

  1. You will burn more calories!  As the effort of the workout is distributed between upper body and lower body, you usually are able to work harder without feeling as fatigued as you might on an exercise bike.  You could burn as much as 400 calories in a 30 minute session!
  2. You can tone up the arms, chest and back.  Very few exercise machines work as many muscles as this.
  3. Your legs won’t get so sore.  When the workout is shared with the upper body, it takes tension away from the legs.
  4. The seating position helps protect your back.  Using a recumbent bike is ideal for people who are concerned about protecting the joints, bones and muscles of the lower back, neck and shoulders.
  5. The seat and seat back are oversized to help support the hips and back during the exercise session and ensure maximum comfort.

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http://amzn.to/2wkhj6gThis simple console is very easy to use.  It helps you track your workout and measures speed, time, distance and calories.

This Sunny SF-RB4708 bike also has pulse sensors on the handlebars allowing you to track your heart rate during your exercise session.  This ensures you are working out safely and effectively.   For more information about heart rate during exercise, click here:







SF-RB4708 Recumbent Bike SunnyThere are 8 different levels of resistance allowing you to tailor the difficult of the workout to    your own fitness level and comfort.   The resistance is changed with a simple click by moving    the lever situated conveniently under the handlebars.







Seating and Comfort

SF-RB4708 Recumbent Bike Sunny

The over-sized seat pad, and seat-back, provide optimal comfort for exercisers.  Extra padding is provided on both the seat and the seat-back, helping to relieve pressure points and numbness.  The seat can be adjusted easily so the pedals can be reached comfortably.  There is a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.







Pedals and Cycling Action

SF-RB4708 Recumbent BikeThis SF-RB4708 recumbent bike is very quiet!   The magnetic tension belt drive is near silent while cycling and the riding experience is very smooth – without jerking or clunking.

The pedals are non-slip and come with generously sized foot straps to keep your feet strapped in so they do not slip when you are cycling.







SF-RB4708 Recumbent Bike

The boxed weight of the bike is 106 lbs and it comes partially assembled with some tools included.

Amazon in the United States offer an assembly option, and this may be useful if you would like to get set up as soon as possible!

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Once the bike has been set up, the handy transportation wheels make it easy to move it from one location to another.


Sunny Health and Fitness provide an impressive 3-year warranty on the structural frame of the bike!   For other parts and components, a 90-day warranty is given.

What do users say?

“The motion of the bike is smooth and the controls work well, seat adjustment is easy. I’m 6’4″ and my wife is 5’8″ so we need to be able to set it for each of us. We’re both 69 yrs. old, and I’ve had a stroke and spinal fusion surgery, and it’s a good machine to get on, pedal, stretch and watch TV or read my kindle”

“On the recommendation of my doctor because of a medical condition affecting my muscles, I started using a recumbent bike ……… The arms that move with the pedals allow my leg muscles to still be getting the motion even when my arms are doing more of the pushing”

“Members of my family have used just the arms where they put their feet on the ground away from the pedals, and then also used just the pedals and kept their hands to their sides. My son especially likes to use the pedals without the arms so that he can pedal faster and for more miles for his workout. I personally need to use the arms and legs together as much as possible to help keep my muscles moving since I have a muscular condition. But it has worked all three ways for us”

Our Summary

This Sunny SF-RB4708 recumbent bike, new for 2017, is an excellent choice for those starting out an exercise program or for individuals with mobility restrictions.

The cross-training action allows individuals to work the upper body in addition to the lower body, for a superb all-round body conditioning and toning. This also helps alleviate some of the pressure from the leg muscles.

The seat pad and seat-back are generously sized and with a 350 lb weight limit, this bike is a great option for individuals of all shapes and sizes.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike Exercise Bike, 350lb High Weight Capacity, Cross Training, Arm Exercisers, Monitor, Pulse Rate Monitoring - SF-RB4708 Review Summary:

  • Moveable Handle Bars - Includes the arm movements to work synchronously with the legs during the pedal stroke to achieve a full body workout
  • Isolate your arm workouts by placing your feet firmly on the floor. Crank up the 8 adjustable gears and feel the higher resistance and intensity as you burn calories and achieve a killer arm workout
  • Pulse Sensors - Integrated pulse sensors to read heart beats per minute
  • Oversized Seat and Back - The large seat supports the hips and seat back to ensure correct posture and increase comfort during the workout
  • Extended Weight Capacity - The sturdy heavy duty frame can accommodate weights up to 350 lbs