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Smooth 9.35 Treadmill Review – 2014 Edition

Smooth 935 Treadmill 2014 Review


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Probably one of the most capable treadmill in the $1800-$2000 market, the Smooth 9.35 Treadmill has been updated for 2014.

All the features that users loved about the old version have been retained while Smooth have introduced some new surprises that keeps them ahead of the game.

Retained is the powerful 4.0 CHP motor capable of running at 12.5 mph up the 15 degree incline, the high weight limit.

The two biggest changes are the increase to the belt size to 61″ long, and the inclusion of the Virtual Fitness Trainer to add a fitness log and video experience to your workout.   These inclusions overcome the weaknesses of the previous model.

How do we know its so good, well Smooth back all of this with an industry leading Lifetime Warranty on the Motor, Parts and Frame.

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Running Track

At this price you can expect a full sized running track that fits whatever your size.  At 21″ wide and 61″ long this track is big enough for even the longest strided runner.  This puts the Smooth ahead of all its competitors including the Sole F85 which is 60″


Not all motors are created equal, and the Smooth motor is quite special.  With its powerful 4.0 CHP output it is more than capable of running silently at high speeds, hour after hour day after day.

Its not going to be phased by a high speed run up a steep incline.


As you would expect at this level the suspension is top class.  Using its Im-Pression™ Shock Absorption Cushioning System this treadmill is able to soak up the shock of your feet impact to minimise its transmission to your joints.  This will enable you to run faster and longer on the Smooth 9.35 treadmill with less risk of injury.

ConsoleSmooth 935 Treadmill 2014 review Console

For 2014 there has been a huge change in the console.  The display is a 7.5″ blue LCD, as per the previous version. However if you connect with the optional bluetooth device to your tablet then you can immerse yourself in the Virtual Fitness Trainer.  Your tablet screen will fill with a scene of your chosen running track (forest etc), at the sides of the screen are your controls and readouts such as heart rate, speed etc.

This looks stunning, and as you run the scene on the tablet unfolds in front of you making this a great immersive feeling.


Fortunately the Smooth 9.35 Treadmill runs quietly, so the built in audio system can be heard clearly.  It supports playback via an MP3 device.


The old version of the 9.35 had a good selection of programs, and these have been retained for 2014, for a full list of programs see the product features section.


Safety is at the heart of the Smooth 9.35HR treadmill.  With easy to grab side bars that will easily take the weight of a 400lb rider, quick track cut off and its tough built in suspension all eventualities have been considered.


Sole have improved the warranty from the old version and you can now enjoy a lifetime Frame, Parts and Motor warranty.  Labour cover is for two years


General features
Max User Weight: 400lbs
Programs: 30
Speed Range: 0.5 – 12.5 mph
Incline Levels: 1 – 15
Motor Horsepower: 4.0 CHP
Walking Surface: 21″ x 61″
Roller Size: 2.75″
Frame Type: Non-Folding
Supports Heart Rate:  Chest Strap Included
Water Bottle Holder: Integrated

Size & weight
Box Dimensions: 87″ L x 36″ W x 18″ H

Foot Print: 81″ L x 34″ W x 54″ H
Unit Weight: 260lbs

Frame Warranty: Lifetime
Motor Warranty: Lifetime
Parts Warranty: Lifetime
Labor Warranty: 2 years

What are Reviews saying about the New Edition Smooth Fitness 9.35?

This treadmill has only been on the market for a couple of weeks, so we can only go by the previous version.  This was highly rated, scoring 4 stars out of 5.  Users liked the long life, quality construction and feel.

Some of the downsides have been addressed such as the short belt (this is now increased to an industry leading 61″), and console.


If you are a serious runner, or simply a light exerciser then this is a great choice.  With the lengthened stride it has been made much more comfortable, and the new tablet integration makes it a fun place to be.

Given the reputation Smooth Fitness has for quality there is no danger of being caught out as an early adopter.  The Smooth 9.35 2014 model is sure to last years and years.

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