How to Protect your Floor from your Workout Equipement

Our most popular Exercise Equipment Mat: Perfect for all Fitness Equipment 

Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat

Best exercise bike matOver the years we have recommended thousands of users to buy their perfect exercise equipment.  What we find is that a good number of them also buy the Stamina Fold Equipment Mat.  

If you just have one or two bits of equipment this is the perfect solution to help protect your floors and insulate the equipment to prevent damage, vibration and noise.  The key feature of this mat is that its designed to safely fold up.  So if the 84″x36″ area is a little to much then you can tuck the extra away.

It consists of seven sections of closed cell foam and is designed to be non slip, so your bike won’t slide about, plus the size is generous enough to fit under most equipment.  

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Get The Right Size Exercise Mat for your Equipment

This is an easy way to find the right size of mat for your machine.  Not all mats are created equal.. so you will need to consider the best size for your exercise equipment to make sure it fits!  An easy way to do this is to search for your product on Amazon.  Most of the time Amazon will give suggested items to buy at the same time as the machine.  This 99% of the time includes the perfect size mat for that machine.  Put away your tape measure and head on over to Amazon!  Remember if they don’t recommend a mat they will always give the dimensions of your equipment.

Give it a go and search for the right size mat:

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Best Mats for Cardio Equipemnt

What you will find is that the same mats keep popping up again and again, so are they any good?  Lets find out with a quick run down of the most popular equipment mats for each type of machine:

Best Equipment Mats for Bikes:

Body Solid Super Mat

Body Solid Super Mat RF36B Bike and Step Mat

his popular mat is produced from incredibly tough and durable PVC.  The thickness of the mat is just enough to cushion the vibrations of the bike without leaving it feeling unsteady.  Some mats are too thick and soft, the Body Solid Mat is just right.

If you use this mat its perfect for most indoor bikes.  With dimensions of 48″ x 36″ its not to big and won’t over hang your bike leaving it dangerous to trip over.

With its compact 3″ x 2″ footprint its also perfect for using as a mat for step!  If you enjoy doing step videos from youtube then this mat is perfect for keeping the noise down while using your step box.

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The best mats For Ellipticals, Treadmills and Rowers

These are some slightly longer mats that are designed for the bigger equipment in your gym.

 Super Mats heavy duty – 5′ Long Mat

Super Mats Elliptical mat


It may only be 2’6″ wide, but at 5ft long this is the perfect mat to go under your elliptical trainer or treadmill.  Because its made from PVC and not soft foam or even rubber it is solid and durable.  This is what you want, particularly under treadmills, as it prevents the slight wobble that you can get from foam.  Your fitness equipment should be on a safe solid base.  The PVC provides that and more. This mat is perfect for keeping noise down and sweat off the floor.  Also because the PVC is so durable it will last for years and keep looking good.

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Best Mats for Free Weight Lifting: 

Ruber call Maxx Mat heavy duty

Rubber Cal Maxx Tuff Heavy Duty Protective Mat, Black, 12mm x 3 x 4-Feet

If you are looking to use your mat for weights then you will need a harder surface mat than usual.  The Rubber Call Mat from Maxx is perfect to provide support for your weight equipment.  As it is made of rubber rather than foam its incredibly hard wearing and tough.  Sizes go upto 6″x 4″ so its easy enough to find one that fits your equipment.

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Best interlocking mats for Covering your Whole floor: Perfect for the Garage

48 Square Feet (12 tiles + borders) 'We Sell Mats' Charcoal Gray 2' x 2' x 3/8" Anti-Fatigue Interlocking EVA Foam Exercise Gym Flooring
For people looking to put together a full suite of equipment then you can save money by covering most of the floor with Interlocking Tiles.  This is perfect if you are looking to include a range of Cardio Equipment such as a bike, treadmill and elliptical, plus weights, benches etc.

Covering the whole floor has a great advantage, as they are inexpensive and if you are using your garage they can really insulate the room from sound and the cold floor.

The best selling mats come in 2′ x 2′ sections that can be neatly clipped together.  If you don’t want to go “Wall to Wall” there are even boarders that come with the pack for a nice looking finish.

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