Merax Boxing Power Tower Review

Merax Boxing Power Tower

Merax Boxing Power Tower Review

For the ultimate body workout, this power tower from Merax incorporates a tether ball and a hook for a boxing bag.  Designed to help you develop strength and muscle size in the back, arms, chest, shoulders and abs; in the comfort of your own home or garage.  This unbiased review will look at the features of this Merax Boxing Power Tower, and discuss what works well with this machine, and what doesn’t!

Merax Boxing Power Tower

What is a Power Tower?

A power tower is a type of exercise equipment on which you can do body weight exercises such as pull-ups, dips, knee raises and push-ups.

These exercises help you to develop strength, power and muscle tone/size in the back, biceps, triceps, shoulder, chest and abdominal muscles.

You will also work a number of smaller stabilizing muscles, which means these exercises are far more natural and functional than those performed using fixed exercise machines in a gym.

What is so special about the Merax Boxing Power Tower?

This piece of kit does everything other power towers do (see above), but has the added advantage of having a tether ball for cardiovascular and reflex training

The tether ball can also be replaced by a boxing bag, using the hook provided.

This means you can get a great cardiovascular workout using this Power Tower, by combining weight training with boxing punches and kicks.

WARNING:  You WILL ache after using the Merax Boxing Power Tower!  But hey, ‘no pain, no gain’, right?

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What are the features of the Merax Boxing Power Tower?

It is made from a sturdy steel frame, which shouldn’t wobble when doing exercises.  Users weighing up to 280lbs (127KG) have been able to use this tower without any issues.

It comes with:

  • Pull Up Bars for doing chin ups and pull-ups
  • Dip Bar for doing tricep dips
  • Back and Arm Rests for doing knee raises (abdominal exercise)
  • Raised handles for doing wide and narrow push ups or for hooking the feet when performing sit-ups

The back rest and arm rests are padded for extra comfort.

The dip bars can be folded down and flipped back, when not required, which provides extra space when doing pull-ups and chin ups etc.

It also comes with a tether ball for cardiovascular and reflex workouts, which can be replaced with a boxing bag if required.

How big is this Merax Boxing Power Tower?

When assembled, it measures 47″(W) x 66″(D) x 85″(H) or 120cm (W) x 168cm (D) x 216cm (H)

 How easy is it to assemble?

Users report that it is actually very easy to assemble, with clear instructions, especially if you have tools such as an adjustable wrench and a flathead screwdriver.

What do users say?

Everyone that has purchased this on Amazon appears to believe this is an outstanding piece of exercise equipment, most giving it the full 5 stars.

Merax Boxing Power Tower


“Very easy to build with great directions”

“Well made very sturdy, does not move what so ever. Excellent piece of kit”

“I can do pull ups on it in three different ways. It’s got a dip station. I love doing dips. I think lifting your own body weight and being able to control your own body weight is just the best thing for building strength and size”

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Any negatives?

Apart from the size that it takes up, there are no real negatives associated with this Power Tower!

What else do I need to purchase with the Merax Boxing Power Tower?

What if I just want a Power Tower (no boxing)?

Ta Dah!  Merax have also developed have an excellent power tower, without the boxing accessories:

Our summary of the Merax Boxing Power Tower

The Merax Boxing Power Tower is a simple, but exceptionally effective piece of exercise eqipment.

If you have the space available, and the desire to tone up and get fit, then we thoroughly recommend you purchase one of these!

Merax Boxing Power Tower Combo Home Fitness Workout Station, Folding Parallel Bars, Boxing Bag Hook Included (BOXING TOWER COMBO.) Review Summary:

  • Sturdy steel frame, with padded back and arm rest for comfort when exercising
  • Folding parallel bars design, providing more space for pull-ups, chin-ups.
  • Exercises include leg raises, chin ups, dips, push ups and sit ups
  • Tether ball with top and bottom attachments, can be replaced with 25KG boxing bag (Hook included)
  • Assembled size: 47"(W) x 66"(D) x 85"(H)