Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

Diamondback 510Ic review

One of the best fitness machines available in the market is the Diamond Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle. This is not just marketing fluff- Amazon reviewers have scored this bike a massive 4.9 out of 5. The highest score I have ever seen on a fitness bike review, it also won the 2012 Best Buy award from Fit Prof for best indoor cycle under $750.

If you’ve always wanted to get fit, lose weight or tone up, you’d be surprised at how much a home spinning bike can do. I use bikes like these every week for my cardio training. 4 minutes on one of these and I am set! Not only can you get your workouts done more conveniently at home, you don’t have to pay for costly gym memberships. Think about the benefits you’re going to reap!

In this article we will see exactly how it has managed to move so far ahead of the competition. And look at the features that justifies its price.

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Who is the Diamond Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle for?

If you are looking to keep up your fitness during the off season with some training, an indoor spin bike is one of the best ways to do it. Where I live can be fairly flat, and if I want to really test my legs without having to drive miles to the hills a blast on a spin bike is ideal.

While the product is designed with cycling enthusiasts and cyclists alike, it also makes for a good mid-level exercise bike for people who take their workouts at home seriously. This indoor studio cycle is great if you want to lose weight fast.

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Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Adjustable Indoor Cycle with Electronic Display and Quiet Magnetic Flywheel Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle

Is the Diamond Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle a Good Purchase?

Diamondback began life as a normal Bike company. If you want to see more about diamondback bikes check out this site for Diamondback Bike Reviews.

Consistent with the brand’s commitment to quality and value, the 2012-released 510IC features top-grade components such as a heavy flywheel, a super durable steel frame, plus a contact heart-rate feature that makes it easy for you to maximize your workout anytime and all the time.

The contact heart rate sensors are wonderful in helping you stay at your target heart rate throughout your entire program. Not only is this helpful in motivating you to work harder, it also helps you identify a sustainable heart rate that will engage your body in fat-burning mode.

Adjustability is at the heart of the overall design of the machine. The fully adjustable seat and handlebars allow users to set up their cycles based on their body size, type and height. The lever style handles also make it easier for them to loosen or tighten critical adjustments crucial to their workout.

Diamondback 510ic Bike ReviewConsole

In terms of feedback, the spinning bike comes with a bright blue and white LCD display which makes it easy for any user to keep track of his or her workout with all the information readily available at a glance.

The Diamond Fitness 510IC Indoor Cycle provides you with real-time metrics including miles traveled, heart rate level, calories burned, time and speed.

In addition, the Diamond Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle comes with 16 levels of resistance which are controlled by the computer, thereby providing consistency in your everyday workouts. The machine also has 14 built-in workout programs, 8 pre-set programs and 4 heart rate controlled programs.

Where can I buy the Diamond Fitness 510IC Indoor Cycle?

If you’re interested in the product, head on to straight to Diamondback and get free shipping right now and get ready to be pleasantly surprised!

Pros of the Bike

  • It is made by one of the best bike builders in the world
  • Provides an exceptionally smooth workout


  • Its is smaller and lighter than commercial machines.  Yet still capable of being used multiple times a day.
Computer controlled resistance provides consistent resistance levels every 14 workout programs: 8 preset programs, 4 heart rate controlled programs,

Contact heart rate sensors

16 levels of resistance insure plenty of challenge on the toughest workouts

Fore/aft seat and handlebar adjustments

Product Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 40 inches ; 118 pounds

Shipping Weight: 127 pounds

Diamond Fitness 510IC Indoor Cycle Review Summary

With its high quality build, ease of use and high level of functionality in your next spinning bike then I would not hesitate to recommend the Diamond Fitness 510IC Indoor Cycle.

Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle Review Summary:

Since our last round up the price of the Diamondback 510ic has dropped slightly which makes it a more interesting choice! Part way between an Indoor Cycle and upright bike, this offers a range of resistance programmes linked to your heart rate. This ensures that you are always working out in the training zone. They bike is comfortable and well built, its strength allows riders of up to 300lbs to ride in comfort.