Life Fitness Lifecycle GX Group Exercise Bike with Console Review

LifeCycle GX Review

We have been working out on the new Lifecycle GX for a number of weeks now.  It is a first class bike, with a smooth powerful feel to it.  It also looks great! In this review we will identify the features that make this machine so great – please read on…

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Our Full review of the Lifecycle GX Indoor Bike

My regular gym has recently been refurbished and has chosen the GX as their group cycle of choice along with a whole host of Life Fitness upgrades.  We really like the new bike, and it’s much improved over the Lemond bikes that they replace.

First ImpressionsLifeCycle GX Review

When we first saw this bike, I thought it looked stunning, and really hoped that the ride was as good as the aesthetics.

Configuring the bike to different sizes was very quick and easy.  Large red knobs turn and pull out to release secure quick pins.  Both the saddle and handlebars are securely held in place by thick steel pins.  These hold everything secure even during the hardest climb or sprint.

Setting up took moments and in the saddle things continued to look up.  The pedals are dual SPD and clip in.  With cleats, your feet go straight into the pedals.  The saddle is comfortable enough in padded shorts.  It has a cut away in the center, so if you do need to wash them nothing will collect in the middle.

Turning the pedals is as smooth as you would expect, this also activates the monitor.

The Ride and Resistance levels

With its magnetic eddy current the ride is very smooth, and due to the polymer drive very quiet.


Resistance is added through a simple lever on the front of the bike.  This is one of my favourite features, as the lever is highly visible from the side it’s easy to see exactly what resistance each rider has.  If the instructor takes a walk round the room they can see what level the riders are on and ‘motivate’ them to work harder.


The lever selects from one of 20 levels of resistance.  Not that you will be at level 20 for long, it’s enough to just about bring the pedalling to a stop and no more!  The beauty of this though is that the whole group can work at the same level.

Console Display

Resistance levels are displayed along with other data on the clear display.  The display is backlit so if you do spin in the dark then everyone can still read their displays.  They are also compatible with regular polar chest straps, so you can train groups to a specific heart rate intensity.

Overall. the console is simple, but easy to read.

LifeCycle GX consoleWarranty:

If you are looking to set up a gym with these bikes, then the warranty is outstanding!  Check this out:

Warranty 5-year structural frame
3-year mechanical components (cranks, flywheel, handlebar, handlebar post, seat post, bearings, seat and handlebar adjustment mechanisms, drive mechanisms, resistance mechanism)
1-year saddle, pedals, console
90-day wearable items (saddle upholstery, pedal straps)
90-day labor

Pros and Cons of the LifeCycle GX


  • The 20 level resistance is exceptional.  Being able to replicate the same workouts time after time is the best way to improve!
  • A solid no flex frame makes the ride very smooth.
  • The handlebars are well positioned, and comfortable to use
  • It looks stunning


  • This is not a cheap bike, at nearly $2000
  • With the flywheel at the back it is harder to move

What are others saying about the LifeCycle GX Spin Bike?

Before writing this review I asked the opinion of the local gym that have installed the GX.  Their customers have loved them and they have seen  a 31% increase in the users of the class.  This means more happy members, keeping their monthly subscriptions going! So overall they are delighted with the new bikes.

This bike is very new to the market, my view is that this is an exceptional ride.  If you want a bike that gives your gym an edge over the competition then this is definitely the bike of the moment.

One reviewer has posted a 5 star review and comments on how well built the bike is, and loves the high level of the workouts.

Lifecycle GX Summary

In a world where quality seems to take second place to price, it’s great to see that there are still products out there that are exceptionally well made.  It’s hard to see if Life Fitness have cut a single corner with this spin bike.  Everything about it, from its powerful looks to smooth feel just makes you want to ride more.

If you are looking to equip your gym or home with one of the best bikes there is, look no further than the Life Fitness Lifecycle GX.

Life Fitness Lifecycle GX Group Exercise Bike Review Summary:

A newer entrant to our list of performance bikes.
The GX is incredibly well made, like the M3 it shares the rear spinning wheel that gives it a purposeful look. We really like the way that the resistance is applied via a lever that allows up to 20 precise levels to be selected.
The feel of this bike is wonderful, high end plastics and smooth steel make it a joy to ride. A real alternative to the M3.