Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle Review

Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle review

If you’re looking to upgrade your exercise bike at home, it only makes sense to invest in the Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle to deliver you with the results you’ve always wanted. This is at the top end of bikes at over $1500 we hope its going to be spectacular!

While it would make for a great pro-level exercise bike, it is highly preferred by outdoor cyclists who like the feel of the chain and want the authentic feel of riding outdoors.

Compared to other exercise bikes available in the market, this new model’s frame, seat slider, handlebars, and hardware are all crafted from aluminum, thus making it significantly lighter than its counterparts. Even better, the aluminum frame also provides rust-free performance.

In addition to its lightweight design and portability, anyone with absolutely zero technical skills will find the assembly of this product a total breeze!

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Take a closer look at the Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle:

Excellent Product Design

In a technological stepchange, Schwinn have introduced a bike with (from the blurb): 20-inch Precision Path™ stride length, a 10° manual ramp range with 6 positions and large articulating footplates with cushioning. What does this mean to us? Schwinn have analysed the optimum stride length, and have adjusted the cranks accordingly to give maximum power and effort through the pedals.

The flywheel is slowed through a new magnet system, this ensures that every workout is the same. No more guessing whether you are working at the same level from workout to workout. Now you can set it at level 6 on a Monday, and know that Level 6 on Wednesday will give the same intensity.

The machine also comes with two integrated levelers and a center frame support for a solid workout program.

To allow you to make the most of your workout, it also comes with 29 pre-set workout programs, 25 levels of eddy current resistance and 4 user settings that are geared to help you push yourself to the limits.

It is also built with a high-inertia perimeter weighted flywheel that keeps workouts smooth, consistent and extremely quiet.

Fully Adjustable Parts

The seat and handlebars adjust up and down, as well as forward and backward, which makes it very easy to find a good riding position. In addition, it comes with magnetic braking that is very smooth and easy to control.

With the machine’s adjustable properties, you can make the workout as easy or hard as you like, by turning the adjuster knob as you cycle.

Enhanced Safety Features

The Schwinn Smart Release TM system is such an excellent safety feature. Whenever you want to stop the bike, you can just simply apply some backward pressure to the pedals. In addition, it comes with oversized crossbar tubing for added safety and stability.

User-friendly ConsoleSchwinn AC perfomance plus

The SchwinnDualTrack™ two LCD window display allows you to monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks. You can easily view important workout metrics such as time, speed and total number of calories burned for easier tracking and monitoring.

In addition, the SchwinnConnect™ goal tracking and data export keeps you aware of your progress as you focus on your fitness goals. It also comes with a USB charging port that allows you to plug in your smart phone or mp3 player.

You can listen to your favorite tunes while getting your workout on. Plus, you can facilitate data exchange easily to SchwinnConnect™ and/or

Highly Functional Accessories

The machine has built-in acoustic chamber speakers for big quality sound. It also comes with a 3-speed fan to keep you cool during your workout. If you wish to move your trainer around the house, it comes with transport wheels that allow for easy movement from room to room. In addition, it has 10-year frame warranty, 2-year mechanical warranty, 1-year electric warranty and 90 days of labor warranty. All this is availible through

Verdict of the Schwinn AC Performance Plus:

One reviewer summed this bike up: “Solid, Smooth and nearly perfect”

This is a top end bike, and everything it does is well thought out. If you are looking for a solid bike that will deliver workout after workout then the Schwinn AC Performance Plus is highly recommended.

Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus-Indoor Cycle Bike Review Summary:

  • Schwinn Fit System with Micro-Adjustments Enables Versatile Seat and Handlebar Adjustments for Refined Positioning / Enhanced Lightweight Handlebar Design Improves Grip Comfort and Support for All Rider Needs, from Comfort to High-Performance
  • Dimensions: 43in L x 20in W x 48in H / Weight: 106 lbs.
  • Features Aluminum Frame Provides Rust-Free Performance and is Significantly Lighter than Steel / Aluminum Seat Slider, Handlebars, and Hardware Materials for Rust-Free Performance
  • Comes With a 6 Magnet Brake System That Provides Smooth, Consistent and Maintenance-Free Resistance That Wont Wear or Change Over Time
  • Included Double Link Pedals with SPD and Toe-Clip Combinations Accommodate both Cycling Cleats and Regular Athletic Shoes/ Strong Drive Train and Chain