CycleOps 100 Pro Indoor Cycle Review

CycleOps 100 Pro Indoor Bike


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For off season training there is little better than Spinning, or Indoor Cycling.  I have been spinning for over 10 years and have ridden my fair share of bikes.  Over the years I have never seen anything quite like the CycleOps 100 Pro!  The key difference between this and other Spin bikes is that this has a freewheel hub.

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This thing looks more like a praying mantis than a bike.  With its stripped down frame and drop handle bars it looks the part.

CycleOps are a specialist company that make only high end training equipment for Cyclists. The Pro 100 is their entry level model and usually retails for about $1,200.

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What makes the CycleOps 100 Pro Specaial

This is a beast of a bike.  Weighing in at over 250lbs it is incredibly heavy.  The flywheel alone is 48lbs, this is the heaviest flywheel I have seen on any bike.


This is the core of the bike, at over 48lbs its heavy, but its also exquisitely engineered.  At high speed this will not give even the hint of a wobble.  With an incredibly smooth and fluid feel this is the closest you can find to a road bike feel.

Freewheel Hub

Normally a bike like this would be shipped with a fixed hub, and your feet will keep moving as long as the flywheel is turning.  With the CycleOps indoor pro there is a free wheel hub and you can rest between workouts.  This will allow you to pedal then coast as you would on your normal bike.


There is nothing like the feel of this CycleOps 100 Pro.  The flywheel is mounted at the back of the bike so there is no feel at all through the handle bars.  As you crank up the resistance for a hill climb or begin a sprint, and start to pull on the bars, this will not twist or move at all.


The seat and handlebars are both fully adjustable and can be moved up/down and forward/backwards.  To ensure that you set up exactly the same way every time there is a precise scale etched into the bars for precision alignment.  I like that its easy to switch out the saddle and pedals for my own choices.


Water is easily accessed through the two cages on the handlebars.  I like this while training as it means less messing about with cages.  I can also use a 2 liter bottle of mineral water in the cage.


This is the only bike I have seen with drop handlebars.  There is an optional extra to take aero bars.  The drop bars give a great feel to the bike, again it enhances the feel of this being more like an indoor road bike.

Any Downsides to the CycleOps Pro 100?

One issue is the lack of power meter on the bike.  You will have to rely on your experience to ensure that you are getting the most from your workouts.  If you move up to the next model you would have access to the Joules 2.0 display that will record your data.

What are other reviews saying about the CycleOps 100?

This is a solid and high quality training bike, and the reviews reflect this.  Most users comment how they like the stability of the bike, and comfort with the drop handle bars.  The quick release handles on the saddle and handlebars make it quick and easy to adjust when changing riders.

A couple of down sides were that it becomes noisy over time.  This is due to the wear on the chain, and the bike should be adjusted annually with the chain replaced as you would on a normal road bike.

User Height: The height range is 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 6 inches.  The weight limit is 300 pounds.

Dimensions:  The CycleOps indoor cycles is 48 inches x 13 inches x 34 inches (length x width x height).The weight is 140 lbs.

Crank Length: 170mm

Warranty:  Frame (Structural): 10 Years Parts, Electronics and Appearance: One Year

Product Manual: Click Here

Overview of the CycleOps Range:

Making the Most of your Indoor Training

CycleOps Pro 100 Review Summary

This bike will give you the best chance of staying in shape during the off season.  If you don’t need a console then it will deliver exactly the same performance as the higher end bikes in the range. We love the power and strength of the bike. This is designed for users looking for peak performance.

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