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How to Get Rid of Back Fat and Stubborn Love Handles

Usually, when people talk about their love handles, mid-section and other problem areas, they’re talking about spot-reducing the fat there. This isn’t a viable solution, as the human body doesn’t really respond to attempts at spot-reduction for the following reason: you’re only getting deposits in those regions because you have too much fat elsewhere – as in, you overall body weight is too high.

How to loose Love handles Fast At Home!

You can use an exercise bike, elliptical machine, trail cycling or other vigorous exercise to burn calories, lose weight, and then see improvements in your problem areas.

Can an Elliptical Machine Help You Spot Reduce

using an elliptical to lose love handlesThere are some varieties of elliptical machines that will help you just a little in your efforts to lose fat in certain areas. For example, a machine with handlebars, such that you can give your upper body a workout while you’re working your legs out, will result in greater overall calorie loss.

You also enjoy some of the benefits of muscle toning.

It’s important to note that these kinds of machines aren’t geared for spot-reducing; in fact, no aerobic exercise is specifically given to function. Even weighted sledgehammer workouts, in which you swing a hammer on a tire repeatedly, engage your cardiovascular system to help you burn more calories overall. If there’s one thing that burns loads of fat – it’s weight-lifting. The muscle you build is in a persistent metabolic state, which allows it to burn calories even while you’re resting. An exercise bike cannot effectively build muscle – but it can tone your legs, and help maintain what you obtain from weighted workouts.

Proper Dieteating right to lose lovehandles

What you eat is just as important as the work you put in at the gym or on your home elliptical/bike.

To show off those muscles, that everyone has, you need to cut down fat and become lean.  This means a good diet, and burning more calories than you eat.

The visceral fat that builds up around your back and mid-section is one of the worst kinds of fat, as it hugs your organs and increases your risk for many fat-related diseases. Diabetes can be a problem as this fat grows, and heart disease, of course, is the leading cause of death (particularly in men) in the West.

As for the specifics of what your diet should contain, you should opt for the tried-and-true food groups. Although what you put in your body is important, how much of it you eat is even more important. You won’t lose weight and fat if your caloric intake is consistently higher than your caloric deficit. The good news is that the fat around your waist will come off relatively quickly once you engage both a consistent workout plan, as well as a sensible diet that provides with all the nutrients and minerals your body requires – but no more than that.

Lastly, one of the best workouts for reducing fat – such that your love handles and back fat start to disappear – is high intensity interval training.

Exercise bikes and treadmills are really good for these short bursts of activity, which are followed by longer cooling off-periods. Jump right back in the fray for another set; 30 minutes later, your workout is done and you’ve burned more calories than several hours of middle-impact jogging.