Elliptical Workouts

Elliptical Cross TrainerSince its invention over 20 years ago the Elliptical has leapt to being one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment.

Its easy to see why, no uncomfortable saddle, no pounding of the knees.  You get a great balanced workout moving arms and legs in a smooth satisfying motion.  This offers a great full body exercise.

So far so good!  The downside is like all cardio equipment is that boredom soon kicks in.  After 25 minutes of working out the last 5 minutes seems to stretch on for ever!

We have pulled together 5 great options to mix up the workout and make the time fly by as you workout to the max.

If you are looking for elliptical workouts for abs, we have some suggestions for great interval training options that will target your abs and give you the definition you are looking for.

Calorie Burning
All cardio exercise will burn calories, and we suggest some specific exercises to burn those last extra calories in our elliptical workouts calories section.

For Men
Don’t think that the elliptical machine is just for the ladies.  There are a host of reasons why men should hop on an elliptical and we look at these in elliptical workouts for men

Fat Burning
Whether you are looking for elliptical workouts to lose weight fast or you are just looking for more general elliptical workouts for weight loss  we have your needs covered here.

These are elliptical workouts youtube videos, why read when you can watch.  Some of the best elliptical machines are shown, along with some great workout choices.

Exercise Specific
Are you needing elliptical workouts for runners?  With the impact on the joints significantly reduced on the elliptical machine using an elliptical is a great option for a rest day.