Pearl iZUMi Men’s X-Alp Enduro III Spinning Shoe Review

Pearl iZUMi Men's X-Alp Enduro III Spinning Shoe review and best price

Indoor Cycling, also more popularly known as Spinning, is one of the more favored and efficient ways to exercise since the 1990’s. If you are an avid attendee at your neighborhood spin class, you know that spinning is an effective way to reach any fitness goal, whether it be to lose weight or to tone up.

However, like any type of workout, wearing the right shoes could determine the amount of success you have during a spin session and even how long you will be able to keep up with the routine. Women often have several pair of shoes for the same occasion, from hiking to going on dates. Men typically have one pair that “does it all” and they may not necessarily be ideal for spinning. Here’s a great pair of shoes that are not only impressive spinning shoes but are good for any workout, and gender.

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Your typical spinning shoe not only needs to provide comfort during and after your spinning workouts but should also feel as if you a wearing a pair of clouds and not bricks. Because they are made from a combination of mesh and synthetic upper, the iZumi X-Alp Enduro III gives your feet ventilation so they don’t feel soggy and wet, or stifled, cramped and ultimately create blisters. Due to the placement of the Velcro straps, the chance of having hot spots is reduced and the feeling of pressure on the balls of your feet and heel is pretty much eradicated. You can easily transition from the bike to the street and not feel any wear and tear on your feet.


There’s nothing worse than getting into a groove, finding your speed, and then suddenly, your foot slips because there’s not enough grip on the sole of the shoe. Wearing these spinning shoes, you could effortlessly change from a slow-paced, seated ride to a more elevated, faster spin without the fear of losing your footing, and that is thanks to its excellent fit. In addition to the Velcro straps, these shoes come with a ratchet buckle system that allows you to crank it down or loosen it up.


Arch support is very important with any workout shoe, whether you have a high arch or none at all. Spinning shoes should have a soft, supportive insole that isn’t extremely thick so it won’t make your foot feel stuffed inside. Because the insole is plush yet thin, not only will it dry easier after a sweaty spin session, you won’t feel any stress on your arches and have to tip-toe home.

Summary of X-Alp Enduro Features:

Pearl iZUMi Men's X-Alp Enduro III Spinning Shoe review features and best price

What do other reviews say about the X-Alp Enduro III Shoes?

  • “After over two years, I’m still loving these shoes. They fit very secure because of the ratchet at the top, and provide good traction”
  • “The sizing for me was spot on. These are very comfortable shoes whether on the bike or walking around off the bike”
  • “In addition, the ratchets work quite well and are well designed so as to be accessed while riding without looking down. The velcro on the lower two straps finish things off nicely.”

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Pearl iZUMi Men’s X-Alp Enduro III Review Summary and Verdict:

This is a good pair of shoes for men and women. If you’re not sure what to look for, you could easily buy a bulky and heavy pair of shoes that may be decent for weight training but terrible for spinning. These shoes are great for beginners and pros and come at a reasonable price. Aside from checking all of the boxes on the list of needs, they’re stylish and have a long shelf life. You could very well wear the same pair for years to come.

  • Spring/Summer 2021
  • 1:1 Anatomic Buckle Closure System reduces hot spots and removes pressure from your instep
  • Low-cut construction for a light, fast fit and feel, Carbon fiber injected composite shank for efficient power transfer
  • Lightweight EVA midsole for off-the-bike cushioning and all-day comfort, Carbon rubber lugged outsole for superior traction and durability
  • SPD Compatible