Louis Garneau Women’s Multi Air Flex Fitness/Mountain Cycling Shoe Review

Louis Garneau Women's Multi Air Flex Fitness Mountain Cycling Shoe Review red

In today’s society, women’s sports and fitness has become a business of it’s own. If you’re into Spinning or Women’s Cycling in-general , you’ve probably heard of the famous track cyclist Louis Garneau. The Canadian Road Racer has a line of premium cycling shoes for women that further boosts performance.

These shoes are perfect for spinning and comes in true-to-fit sizes. True sizes are what you need because they provide you a secure grip for spinning/peddling. Feet slipping off the pedals isn’t an issue here and these can be used for (SPD) or Look Style Pedals.

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These premium sneakers are designed specifically for spinning and has become very popular world wide. Users experience flexibility as well as some good stiffness, which is needed for cycling. You get a great balance of comfort and support from the sneakers and their comfortable enough to wear for running everyday errands. The synthetic leather and mesh provides it’s users with a very lightweight or a weightless feel which is perfect for the sport of cycling.

You never want or have to worry about a super heavy shoe because these were designed for performance. The upper mesh is also breathable provided by the small holes structure. Since heat tend to build up inside of most shoes when active, the holes act as a natural exhaust that keeps the feet cooler and dry. Sweat inside of shoes can be unpesant, as it can cause the shoes to generate odour!


The shoe’s design is very sleek and isn’t too flashy as other brands.  If you like plain looking shoes then they have an all black option and all white.  Our favourte is the black and red ones!


At around 690g the  Multi Air Flex Fitness Shoe is very light.  This makes it incredibly comfortable for spinning, letting your feet get up to speed quickly and smoothly.


The walking tread at the bottom and the 2-Bolt (Cleat-Style) means that you can walk to the gym and ride without having to change shoes.

The shoe is very well put together from head to toe and has a good amount attention to detail that serves a purpose. Most of the shoes have a universal Type of fit and one of the drawbacks with cycling shoes is that most of them doesn’t provide a secure enough fit. The (Garneau Multi Lite Spinners) will meet your expectations and more with it’s hook and loop closers and straps.

This design keeps your feet snug and secure without having to worry about any loose sensations. When cycling, having your feet secure setting is important and if your feet is sliding around, it will reduce your performance.  This applies to indoor cycling classes as well as road riding

Summary of Features

  • Snug and Secure
  • Comfortable While Spinning
  • Rigid and Stiff Soles
  • Grips The Pedals For Better Performance
  • Light Weight That Doesn’t Weigh You Down
  • Top Straps helps ensure Your Feet From Becoming Loose and Slipping
  • Wide Closures That Won’t Cut Off Circulation

Louis Garneau Women's Multi Air Flex Fitness Review Features and Best Price

What are others saying about the Louis Garneau Air Flex Shoes

“I needed new shoes for spinning class at the gym, and these are perfect. I love the velcro straps, very easy to get in and out of the shoe.”

“I use mine for spinning and got lots of compliments on the, almost neon, pink color accents. Purchased the Wellgo Shimano SPD cleat set to go with.”

“Love these spin shoes. The rubber on the bottom is thick so when you walk to and from the bike you don’t walk stupid!!! I highly recommend them.”

Overall these score an average rating of: 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Louis Garneau Women’s Multi Air Flex Fitness Verdict:

These are a stylish versatile shoe that will look great in your spinning classes.  The reason to why they’re so popular as they can be worn around town, to the gym, or spin class. In short, the Garneau Women’s Multi Lite Cycling Shoe is the standard by which all others spinning shoes are measured. Step your game up or better yet; get into the game.

Louis Garneau Women's Multi Air Flex Shoes, Black, 38 Review Summary:

  • Multi air flex outsole: Ventilated composite outsole with good toe flexion for walking
  • HRS-80: Provides heel support
  • Velcro closure straps: Easy to adjust
  • Ventilated EVA insole: Allows for through-and-through ventilation
  • Heel reflector