Pearl iZUMi Men’s Race Road II Spinning Shoe Review – Perfect for Indoor Cycling

Pearl iZUMi Men's Race Road II Cycling Shoe

Spinning is the most efficient evolution of exercise bike technology yet. One one hand, spin cycling can be a highly effective part of your routine. But on the other, it offers incredibly intense exercise, focusing your body’s core energy and maintaining ramped up levels of speed a regular cycling shoe just isn’t designed to handle. The Pearl iZumi Men’s Race Road II Cycling Shoe is a spinning shoe constructed with these heightened requirements  firmly in mind, and makes a solid choice for guarding your feet against injury during your next session.

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Read on for our full review of the Pearl iZUMI Road Race II Spinning Shoes

How these Spinning Shoes Minimize Stress on Your Feet

At the sustained speeds used in typical spinning classes, your feet are going to feel the pressure. Each pair of Race Road II’s use a high-tech nylon and composite fiber 1:1 plate to add stiffness and support for your feet. Cinch tight the buckle, hop on your bike, and you’ll find the shape of each spinning shoe follows natural anatomic contours to reduce pressure when you’re feet are moving at maximum velocity. SELECT insole directs specific support to both Longitudinal and Transverse arches, ensuring there’s no angle not covered during each full spin rotation.

Delivering Hard-Hitting Shock Absorption

To deal with the force of each downward push, the makers incorporated a comprehensive suite of impact-softening tech to keep you pedaling like a champ.

EVA foam insole takes up the energy of repeated strikes, while quickly returning to its natural rest position fast enough to be ready for the next cycle of action. Since much of the spinning foot cycle involves heavy force aimed at your heel, a unique SELECT 1:1 heel cup along with integrated molded power band maintains solid grip to this area and allows easy power transfer to avoid hot spots and even the blisters today’s spin cycler is probably all too familiar with.

Cooling Power for High Activity

It’s not pretty, but the truth any spinner discovers is this: fast-moving feet build up moisture at an alarming rate. Road Race II’s fight sweat in two different ways. Direct-Vent technology makes it easy for moisture to make its way out of the spinning shoe naturally instead of getting trapped inside like with typical road shoes designed to survive outside in the elements. All inner surfaces are fast-wicking, ready to draw sweat out and away from your feet and fast as it can be produced.

Pros and Cons of the Pearl iZUMi Mens Road II Shoes:


  • A great tight fit, with a ratchet mechanism to ensure optimum positioning
  • Stiff sole that transfers 100% power from your legs to the pedals
  • Well ventilated for comfortable use indoors


  • No Cleats are included so you will need a pair of SPD cleats when you order.

What are other users saying in their reviews of the Pearl Road Race II?

“Very nice shoe I’ve bough this item to use it manly on spinning classes”
“The sole is very stiff, and I like the wrenching mechanism on this shoe.”
“It forces you to use some muscles that we do not train normaly. So it is very good for conditioning, aerobic training practice. When I have the opportunity, I will use it outdoors!”

Pearl iZUMi Men’s Race Road II Review Summary: 

Foot-Friendly Essential Spinning Shoes

To get the most out of every spin cycle session, you need to be working your entire lower body at 100%. Lesser spinning shoes might get you through a class or two. But a focused, well-designed specialty spinning shoe like the Pearl Race Road II is going to give you the edge to make it through your current spinning session with the same enthusiasm as when you started. And that’s what counts in our book!

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