Diadora Women’s Herz Indoor Cycling Shoe Review

diadora womans indoor cycling shoe

If your raggedy pair of gym shoes has become too old to spin with, or they just do not look good anymore, it is probably time for you to upgrade it.

Spinning takes a lot of hard work, especially when you are shifting your feet between the cage and the pedal, wasting those precious watts that accompany the thumping beats from the speakers. Diadora’s Herz Indoor Cycling Shoes can help in giving you a more efficient spin workout.

Whether you take spin classes or workout on your own,Diadora Herz Spinning Shoes are a great option as they are affordable and are designed to be compatible with the SPD 2-bolt cleats that you find on most spin bikes.

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So what makes the Diadora spinning shoes better than the rest? Well, it comes with some great features that make your workouts more efficient and comfortable. Here is a look at why Diadora’s Herz Indoor Cycling Shoes is one of the top spinning shoes available today.

Ergonomic heel support

Diadora’s Herz shoes are designed to give you comfort and support while you are spinning. The inside ergonomic heel support gives you the support you need while spinning. It has a heel cup that is shaped as well as an EVA insert that give the inside of the shoe the shape you need for comfort. These features make it fit more like a sneaker than other outdoor cycling shoes. The heel design also allows you to clip into the pedals of your spin bike, meaning that you get better power transfer while spinning.

Suprell-Buk synthetic uppers

The Herz also has Suprell-Buk synthetic uppers that are combined with lots of mesh paneling. When you pair this with the lace-up closure, you get a fit that does not feel so vastly different from those gym shoes you have been so unwilling to give up. You get the comfort and feel that you are used to from your old shoes with the Herz.


Diadora Herz is designed to be more than just shoes for spinning. It provides the support as well as the comfort you need for those grueling interval sets as well. You can also wear them for your brisk morning walks or jogs. These are multi-purpose spinning shoes, which is excellent as it means that you do not have to spend extra money on another pair for other activities.

Should you get the Diadora Herz Indoor Cycling Shoe?

This is undoubtedly one of the best spinning shoes out there today, so it is definitely worth getting a pair. The best part is that it is extremely affordable. It is made of quality materials and as mentioned earlier, designed to give you the best support and comfort during your spinning class. Its features are all specifically designed for power and efficiency, both of which are crucial for spinning workouts. Diadora’s Herz Indoor Cycling Shoes are quality, pocket-friendly shoes that are ideal as they meet all your spinning workout needs. If you want shoes that allow you to make the most of your spinning classes, this is definitely the one for you.

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