Nautilus T616 Treadmill Review


There are a huge number of treadmills on the market that do very similar jobs.  In the >$1000 price bracket you will find a plenty of products that can give a good reliable performance, and a great workout.  However each one has its own special features that makes it a little unique.  In this review we are going to look at the new Nautilus T616 Treadmill and see what sets this treadmill apart from its competitors. We have been doing some homework for you have found the best price for the Nautilus T616 treadmill % off here:

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What makes the Nautilus Tick?

Its no good having a gimmick or USP if its let down by the whole package.  Before we decide whether this is a good product, lets break it down into basics and look in detail at some of the specs.

How fast can it go?

The Nautilus is off to a great start here, the T616 comes with a 3.0CHP motor.  This is plenty of power for all levels of runner, and will allow you to continually run at speeds of up to 12MPH.  That is fast!  This compares well against other treadmills in the same price range, such as the top selling Lifespan TR1200i which only packs a 2.5CHP motor.

This power means that it can run fast for long periods of time without feeling like its struggling.  Sometimes on other machines after 30 minutes you can start to seance that the motor needs a rest and cool-down as much as the runner!  With the Nautilus the runner will tire far before the motor needs a break.

Does it cope with an Incline?

Yes!  If you want to run up a gradient and give your calfs an extra workout then the Nautilus can offer a huge 15% gradient.  This can also form part of the workout programs that we will come onto later. Like the motor a 15% gradient is class leading at this price.

Powered by the 3.0CHP motor there is no problems with this machine powering even the heaviest runners (max 300lbs!)  up this steep slope.

Is it comfortable to run on?

Nautilus have given this some thought.  There are a couple of important features that make this an exceptionally smooth machine.

The first is the 2 ply belt.  Low end treadmills just use a single ply belt.  This needs to be tough and unforgiving to have any chance of surviving being pulled through the rollers.  The second ply, as in the Nautilus, offers a nice cushioning layer that is great for your feet to strike.

Another feature is the sprung deck.  There are 6 little rubber mounts on each side of the running track.  These are positioned to absorb the shock of the runner, taking the shock out of your knees and ensuring you remain comfortable.

Finally they have built in a good sized running area, 20″ x 60″ is a great size, its wide enough and long enough that unless you are extremely tall (well over 6′) then you will not feel cramped, or have to shorten your stride.

Alternatives to the Nautilus T616 Treadmill

Product nameRating Price
LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill
Nautilus T616 Treadmill Nautilus T616 Treadmill $999.00
NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill
ProForm PFTL99715 Power 995i Exercise Treadmill, Graphite, Large ProForm Power 995i Treadmill
SOLE F63 Treadmill SOLE F63 Treadmill $999.99

What are the controls like, are they easy to use?


Now we are getting close to my favorite feature of the T616, the console!

To start with you are faced with two LCD windows that cover all the information you might need to follow your workout.  They are clear and concisely laid out and provide a huge amount of data at a glance, speed, incline, heart rate, distance, time etc its all there.

What I really like is above the workout display is a ledge where you can securely attach an iPad/tablet.  This can hook up with the machine and play music through some, actually pretty decent, speakers.  At the moment, this is the only treadmill of this quality with this feature and one that really stands out.

If you are the sort who likes to track their workouts then the T6116 can easily track workout information through the likes of  This can be done via bluetooth or USB.  There is also a proprietary Nautilus app, but I prefer just using MFP.

One thing worth mentioning is that there is also a chest strap included, this is great for keeping your workout on track!

Workout Programs Included

There is a total of 26 Programs included split as follows:

  • 1 manual,
  • 3 quick goals,
  • 6 training,
  • 5 weight control,
  • 4 heart heath,
  • 3 interval
  • 4 custom

This will give plenty of diversity and should keep your workouts interesting as you can mix things up every time!

You want more? Ok lets look a the other features of the T616:

Heart Rate:

We mentioned the heart straps, however if you prefer not to wear one then you can keep track of your heart rate using the built in monitors on the hand grips.  This links in with the console and allows the workout to be adjusted based on your heart rate.

Keeping Cool

There are three fans that do a good job of keeping you cool, but no treadmill will ever beat sitting in air conditioned room!


This is actually pretty good, the warranty differs for different parts of the machine so I will break it down:

  • -10 years frame
  • -10 years motor
  • -2 years mechanical
  • -2 year electrical
  • -90 days labor

Pros and Cons of the Nautilus T616:


  • The ledge for the tablet makes workout time pass really quickly
  • Great flexibility of workout through the 26 programs
  • High power and steep incline provide a good challenging workout
  • Smooth and quiet operation


  • The box is very heavy (over 300lbs) care and probably a second par of hands are needed for assembly.

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Nautilus T616 Treadmill Review Summary:

A few years ago we would never really have recommended a Nautilus treadmill.  However this new T616 sets a new standard in the $999 market!  With its class leading power and incline it is a smooth and powerful machine and we really like the tablet dock!