Bladez Fitness Jet GS Indoor Bike Review

Bladez Fitness Jet GSSome love to run outdoors, others go to the gym for a more intense workout, while others still are content to stay on an indoor bike and pedal to their hearts’ content. People who are looking for an exercise machine that they can install in their homes often go for simple indoor bikes as they’re the most convenient choice. And for beginners in spin cycling, you would the need the most intuitive and easiest to handle bike.

The Jet GS Indoor Bike by Bladez Fitness is dubbed as the easiest to handle bikes for beginner cyclists because of its simple design and intuitive controls.

You’ll be working up a sweat on its pedals, but definitely no sweat at all in figuring out how the controls work.

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Is the Jet GS Indoor Bike for you?

If you’re a beginner and looking for a bike that can give you a good, easy first-timer experience, then the Bladez Fitness Jet GS Indoor Bike is for you. It has an oversized steel frame so you can be guaranteed that it’s stable and can hold you up for hours while you hit the pedals.

It comes with a 40-lb flywheel and a quiet belt for a smooth and noiseless ride. Most cyclists can’t concentrate with the sound of the wheels as they pedal, but with the Jet GS Indoor Bike, you don’t have to worry about distraction with such noise.

Fitting and Equipment

The Jet GS Indoor Bike can hold riders of up to 255 lbs so it’s sturdy enough for most people and can withstand hours of regular use.

One of the best points of the Jet GS Indoor Bike is its intuitive design and easy to use controls. Unlike most bikes where a knob is used to adjust tension, the Jet GS Indoor Bike has thumb-controlled adjustable resistance so it takes less effort in changing the tension according to your preference.

Handlebars and Computer

The handlebars are designed to give a race-style feel and even come with elbow pads to mimic the racing experience. Both the handlebars and the seat are micro-adjustable so you can find the perfect fit and get a comfortable riding experience for hours. There’s also a computer that gives a feedback on your performance, such as the distance covered and the calories burned.

Bladez Fitness Jet GS

Other accessories

There’s also a handy water bottle so your thirst-quencher is easily accessible and you can keep at your routine without hopping off your bike. The transport wheels also make the Jet GS Indoor Bike easy to move around your home.

You can get this at Amazon with full manufacturer’s warranty and free shipping to selected areas. The bike comes with a five-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on the parts.

Pros and cons of the Bladez Jet:


  • Great entry price for an indoor cycle at less than $400
  • Large fly wheel
  • Good 5 year warranty on the frame


  • If you are an experienced indoor cyclist you may want a bike with more resistance

Summary: Should you buy this bike?

The Jet GS Indoor Bike is a simple and straightforward exercise machine that you can easily install in your home. It’s stable and solid enough to withstand hours of use. At the price, less than $400, you are looking at a bike that is great for use in the home, most users ride a couple of hours a week with no issues.  For this price there really is no better choice.

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