ProForm Smart Strider Elliptical Trainer Review

ProFrom Smart Strider Elliptical Trainer Review

Opening the range of Rear Powered Ellipticals for Proform comes the new Proform Smart Strider Elliptical Trainer.  Ellipticals have become interesting in the last couple of years, with features you might only find on high end machines now filtering down to machines less than $1000.  Now Proform have brought out a product that features things like iFit, and easy assembly to compete with the likes of the Schwinn 470, and Horizon EX-59-2 which we recently reviewed.  The other recent introduction from Proform is the ZE 6 elliptical.

Proform have a wide range of rear drive ellipticals, and so share many of the same components .  However there are big cosmetic and functional differences.  We will see if the Smart Strider is the best option for price and value, or whether you would be better spending a little more.

The Smart Strider name gives the first clue as to the intention of this machine, its the entry level of the ProFrom Rear Drive Elliptical range, and is priced at $200 less than the Proform 14.0 C Elliptical Trainer

At about $699 this elliptical is a pitched as a good entry level model, building on the main benefits of some of its more expensive stablemates, but maybe with a few less features.

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Proform went back to basics when they designed their range of ellipticals.  They use a system that is designed to produce the most ergonomic training platform they can using the following 6 principles.  As these are what makes the elliptical what it is lets look at them in detail.

Body Positioning: With the handles are directly above the foot pads, forcing you to ride in a strong upright position.  You won’t be able to slouch on this machine, which will ensure that you engage your full core muscles during the training.

Handlebar Spacing:  The handlebars feature long grips extending down the top of the handle.  This gives a good comfortable reach no matter your height.

Elliptical foot path: Key to safe comfortable workout is the path that the pedals take.  With an 18″ stride space gets a little tight, fine if you are under 6′ tall.

Pedal Placement:  To minimise strain on the hips the pedals have been placed as close together as possible.  This stops a lateral side to side motion, and allows a more natural up down movement of the legs.

Access: This is a rear drive elliptical, meaning that the business end (fly wheel / motor etc) are located in front of the driver.  While this does mean stepping over the machine to get on, it does put the noisy end behind you, and causes less distraction while riding.

Drive: Proform have done some work on the fly wheel to make the movement smooth and fluid.  With no jerks to the motion.

What makes up the Proform Smart Strider?


In common with most machines the Proform features an adjustable incline.  The Smart Strider can go through 3-20 degrees, with the level of incline being controlled via the convenient buttons on the handles.

Fold Flat

Proform Smart Strider FoldedThis machine can be easily folded down to provide a compact way to store. This is very simple and just involves undoing a couple of latches.  Once folded it all holds together nicely, and reassembles easily.  All the weight is the rear of the machine, so it easily pivots around this to store upright.


The console has been significantly upgraded from the earlier version.  With a simple clear screen, and a basic LCD display it is easy to read and shows all the data you can need during the workout:  Distance (around the running track), heart rate, speed, RPM etc.Proform Smart Strider Console

Its buttons are a good size, with the easy to reach fan and volume controls.

The console also provides access to the workout 18 programs, these are great fun and easy to follow:  Workouts manual, Weight loss Muscle toner, Strength builder, etc. All  the workouts are designed by a personal trainer, and give a great range of exercises from beginner to more advanced.


The Smart Strider has a fairly basic warranty, standard to Ellipticals at this level:

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts: One year
  • Labor: One year

There are some other features worth considering as well:

The power comes from a power adapter which is included so no searching round for batteries.

Assembly is fairly straight forward.  Proform have pre-assmebled most of the machine.  There are a few bits still to put together and all the tools are included.  We would recommend 2 people to help with the assembly.

There is a weight limit of 300 lbs for riders of this machine.

And finally, this elliptical can be driven forwards and backwards.

What are others saying about the Proform Smart Strider?

All the Proform Ellipticals are well regarded, and this is no exception.  Receiving a strong 4 out of 5 stars.  This model is new to the market yet its already been well received.

 ” this is a good unit, very sturdy, and should last a long time “

“Great workout I LOVE IT”


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Any issues?

Nothing major, some reviewers have reported some squeaking from the machine.  This seems to be a minority and does not match with our experience

ModelLivestrong 8.0ELivestrong 10.0E-2Livestrong 13.0E-2Livestrong 15.0E
ImageLivestrong LS8.0E ReviewLivestrong Fitness LS10.0E-2 Elliptical Trainer
Average Price$799$999- Currently Unavailable
Current PriceOn Sale at for $599 - $200 OFF!On Sale at for $899 - Save $100!On Sale at for $1,299 - Save $800!On Sale at for $2,399!
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Drive SystemFront Drive with Roller TrackFront Drive with Roller TrackFront Drive with Roller TrackFront Drive with Roller Track
Resistance16 Levels of Resistance, 5 levels of incline20 Levels of Resistance, 20 levels (5% increments)20 Levels of Resistance, 21 levels of power incline20 Levels of Resistance, 21 levels of power incline
Flywheel23 lb.23 lb.30 lb.30 lb.
Stride/Motion20" Stride Length20" Stride Length20" Stride Length20" Stride Length
Programs9 training programs11 training programs, downloadable Livetrack Interactive™ technology11 training programs, downloadable Livetrack Interactive™ technology11 training programs, downloadable Livetrack Interactive™ technology
Unit Weight192 lbs.199 lbs.220lbs222 lbs.
Max User Weight300 lbs.325 lbs.350 lbs.350 lbs.
StabilityAbove AverageAbove AverageAbove AverageAbove Average
QualityAbove AverageAbove AverageAbove AverageAbove Average
Upper Body WorkoutYESYESYESYES
Heart Rate MonitorContact GripsContact GripsContact GripsContact Grips
WarrantyLifetime frame and brake, 1-year parts, 1-year in-home laborLifetime frame and brake, 3 years parts, 1 year in-home laborLifetime frame and brake, 5 years parts, 2 year in-home laborLifetime frame and brake, 5 years parts, 2 year in-home labor
OtherIncludes Chest Strap
ProForm have a great reputation for solid entry to mid level ellipticals.  They all look smart and perform well.  Their main competitors are Schwinn, and Horizon which also produce a similar quality of machines.  If you want to step up to higher quality then around $1200 

Quick Buying Tip!

This Elliptical shares the same frame as the more expensive model, the 14.0E. They may have more in the way of flywheel weight and technology, but the ride is the same high quality.

Our Verdict: Good and great for the price…

This $600-$700 price bracket has a good deal of competition.  Both Schwinn and Horizon have great ellipticals at this price.

As this is new to the market then you will have the latest features with the Proform.  For me then the Proform makes a great choice.  We would suggest heading over to Amazon and keeping an eye on the latest reviews.

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