Helix Aerobic Lateral Trainer H905 Review

Helix Aerobic Lateral Trainer Review

We have looked at a lot of elliptical trainers recently, this one the Helix Aerobic Lateral Trainer is a bit different.  Normally an elliptical moves your legs forward and back in a familiar motion, as they are designed to feel like walking.  Elliptical Machine companies spend $$$’s on making this motion feel as natural as possible. Lets see what Helix have made of this…

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Helix Lateral Motion – Designed to Ease Joint Pain

Helix have turned the traditional elliptical fore and aft motion on its head, as the motion is now sideways, and your legs move out in a figure of eight motion.  This is great for targeting little used muscles, such as your adductors.  At the same time you will continue to burn fat and tone.

If like me you have never heard of a Lateral Trainer, don’t worry you are not alone!  Most people stumble across this machine while researching normal elliptical machines.  Some are instantly hooked, and I have to say we are impressed.  It takes a little more concentration to keep form correct (I have linked a couple of videos to see how this works), but with correct form you get a killer leg workout!

Helix Aerobic Lateral Trainer Console Review

I have yet to see a machine like this in any gym I have been to (if you have seen one do let me know!) So a great thing about this is if you have it in your home then you can get a targeted workout for your legs that you might not get in the gym!

The other huge benefit of this machine is that its so much smaller than a traditional elliptical.  Because the movement is sideways it does not need the depth of space of an old machine.  Infact the Helix Lateral trainer needs a space of just 4 ft x 3 ft.  As you are driving the machine it does not need to be located near a plug, and its happy free standing.

Helix Lateral Trainer Results Videos:

  • Introduction
  • Better Than Elliptical
  • A non Traditional Workout

Recommended Sports for the Helix Lateral Trainer:

Helix Aerobic Lateral Trainer Rotation ReviewHelix recommend this trainer for Golfer and Skiers particularly.  I can understand this, I do lots of skiing, and after a long day on the piste it’s the side leg muscles that are throbbing in the evening.  Some targeted exercise like this could do wonders and keep me carving all day long.

We would suggest that this is good for anyone that is also looking for toned curvy legs!

About this model

The H905 is the home model from Helix, there are commercial versions which are more expensive.  This model is self powered (with batteries needed for the console).  The resistance is selected using a manual dial, so you have to tighten the resistance like you would on a spin bike.  For an extra $1000 you can move up to the H1000, this adds workout programs, an electrical resistance adjuster and an LCD display.

For us the H905 is probably as good as you need, although the electric resistance does provide a slightly smoother ride.

Summary of the Full Specifications:

MSRP $2,499
Resistance Type Magnetic
Resistance Method Manual Indexed
Resistance Levels 8
Total Resistance (Watts) 300
Display Type LCD
Programs N/A
Feedback Time, Calories, Rpm, Distance, HR, Speed
Flywheel weight 22 lbs / 10kg
Max User Weight 300 lbs / 136kg
Unit Weight 138 lbs / 63kg
Assembled Footprint 3′ x 4′ (91.4cm x 122cm)
Packaging DIMS 38 x 18 x 27 (96.5 x 45 x 68.5)
UPC 837654389904
Power Requirements AA Battery Powered
Usage Residential Use only
Warranty (Parts) 2 years

Other reviews.


“I am 48 years old and have worked out consistently since I was 14 and I am always on the lookout for something new and challenging. The Helix fits that bill !”

“But the really amazing thing is that I really felt my belly open up, like it was forcing me to breathe more deeply. This is HUGE for me because that is my problem area!”

The Helix has been well liked by customers, other fans of the Helix love the feeling of a big workout on normally neglected muscles.  Great for skiers and people looking for a natural shape to their legs.

Pros and Cons of the Helix Trainer:


  • Target new muscles with your workout
  • Space saving
  • A new way to workout


  • Manual adjustment
  • You will have to explain to friends how your legs look great!

Price of the Helix

This review has looked at the entry level model, available for about $2500.  This is the best value option and is the one we would recommend.  If you want to see the other models and pricing click here for full details

Our Verdict on the Helix Lateral Trainer

The Helix works because it is different.  The traditional elliptical workout is a repetition of what you do when walking.  By engaging new leg muscles, you will strengthen and tone different parts of the leg than you would normally reach. This will over time give great results that will be the envy of your friends.

On top of this the Helix Lateral Trainer is a powerful reliable machine that will give years of service, and is a tonic for the joints compared to traditional elliptical machines.

Lateral Trainer Residential Programmable Stepper w/ LCD Console Review Summary:

  • Programmable LCD Computer controls your workout with up to 12 programs
  • Sculpts hard-to-tone areas: glutes,  inner and outer thighs & core
  • Proven to burn fat more quickly than elliptical trainers
  • Works the body laterally, engaging more muscles with each move
  • Superb for improving athletic performance: golf, tennis, skiing