ProForm 1310 E Elliptical Trainer review

ProForm 1310 E Elliptical Trainer review and best price

Pro quality Ellipticals for the home are becoming increasingly common, I love the feeling of exercising on a quality machine while in the comfort of my own home.  While gym grade ellipticals are very common, models that combine a good build quality and price are not.  Today we will review the Proform 1310E and see if it has what it takes to take centre stage in your home gym.

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At a price of around $1300 there is no shortage of competition.  Particularly from the Sole E35 and Best Fitness E1 bracketing this price at $1500 and $1000 respectively.

How is the Proform 1310E to Live with?

Building and assembly

Proform 1310E Elliptical Review RunnerFirst thing if you go with the Proform 1310 E will be to build and assemble the machine, of course you could opt for an in home service that will cost about $100-150 depending on where you are.  Our preference is always to make these things ourselves!

When it comes to locating this machine, its probably best to decide where it should go in advance and leave it there.  The Profrom 1310E weighs over 180lbs and after assembly you might not want to move it.  As you can see from the image it can be folded, and in this position it measures about 2″ deep.

Although it does not fold, there are a couple of transport wheels to move it about a room, although stairs may be tricky.

The final consideration is that the Elliptical will need power, so if you can try and locate near a socket.  In total from start to finish the job should take about 2 hours, and you will need a couple of pairs of hands to help!

Build Quality – what’s under the 1310E’s hood?

One of the reasons this machine is so heavy is that its incredibly powerful.  Under the hood all the components are contained with in a high end strong steel frame.  This keeps the machine rock solid and creak free when running.

Lower end machines skimp on the strength of the steel, and this is the main reason why the never feel as good as the ones in the gym.  The frame is backed up by a Lifetime Warranty if Proform are prepared to offer this then you know that they don’t expect to see many faulty ones.

The silent magnetic resistance is fabulous, making the whole experience silky smooth, yet quiet enough so you are never distracted by noise from the machine.

Does it Incline?

Proform 1310E Elliptical review Height Adjustment and best priceAs you can see from the image, the Proform offers a whopping 20 degree incline range.  This is about as high as it gets for any Elliptical.  If you can manage 20 minutes at this level you will be feeling a great burn at the end of the workout.  Whats great is that you can easily adjust the level of incline through the easy to reach controls on the handle bars.

The Proform has 15 incline levels,which are achieved by the legs extending from the front of the machine.  These are easily controlled from the console.  This gives a great workout, and the decline really does push you during the exercise, and activates muscles I had forgotten about!

Ready To go? 

Sadly not, this will require a few hours building.  Plus its helpful if you have a friend to help.  However the manual that you can read here breaks the process down into simple steps.  The instructions are all English, and you will need a couple of tools.  The Hex Keys are included, and you will need a Philips (cross head) screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.

If you are going to set this up in a carpeted room then a mat is recommended just to protect the carpet.

Is it comfortable to train on?

This is one area where the Proform really stands out.  The foot pads are a  perfect size and well padded.  The motion is smooth, and the height of the controlls is just right.  Taller users can hold the handles a little higher up for comfort, likewise smaller users can take a lower grip.

The second aspect is its cushioning of the grips and their ergonomic shape., other users have shown this to be one of the best on the market, with great cushioning and comfort.


Proform 1310E Elliptical console

As a high end Elliptical Proform have really gone to town with the console and the programs availble!  The screen is now a touch screen, and you can operate all the controls easily even if you have built up a bit of a sweat. While not quite as sensitive as say a phone screen, its still easy to use and responsive enough to work well.

All the usual features are included in the console: incline level, speed, heart rate, steps, distance, calories and time. With the usual Proform attention to detail there are convenient grab bars to allow for your heart rate to be monitored.

What we love is the mount for an iPad or tablet above the main console display.  This allows you to watch films or read while working out.

The display is a pleasing blue LED light that is not too harsh.  I sometimes like to run in a slightly darkened room watching the TV and this is perfect!

Every workout program Imaginable!

In addition to a great display the console also gives access to a range of 32 different workout programmes.  If this is not enough, then you can go on to program your own.  These include sprints, fat burn, high intensity workouts, hill climbs and even just gentle ‘rolling hills’.  To help you keep track of all your activity you can also use the iFit connectivity and see all your workouts over time.


This is a large elliptical.  It measures: Length: 5 ft. 8 in. (173 cm) Width: 2 ft. 2 in. (66 cm)

Maximum User weight is: 350Lbs

Manufacturer Warranty

Proform offer a generous, full residential warranty as follows:

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Parts: 5 Year
  • Labor: 3 Year

What are others saying about the Proform 1310 Elliptical in their reviews?

The Proform 1310 has had some great reviews both from consumers and in the press.  Scoring an average of 80% across all reviews, with over 100 scores submitted.

This has been a great machine. I Love the color screen

“The machine works great and using it often“

“Five Stars!”

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Proform 1310 E Elliptical Review Summary

This is one of the best choices if you are looking for a high end Elliptical.  With it’s easy set up, high end finish and compact storage puts it miles ahead of the competition. There is nothing else that comes close in terms of build quality or feel.

We highly recommend the Proform 1310E!

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