3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill Review


 Pro quality Treadmills for the home are becoming increasingly common. While gym grade treadmills are very common, models that combine a good build quality and price are not.  Today we will review the 3G Cardio Pro Runner and see if it has what it takes to take center stage in your home gym.

At a price of around $2000 the 3g Cardio Pro treadmill is in the high end range and faces competition from the likes of Sole with their S77 Treadmill and Lifespan with their capable TR4000i Treadmill.  These are big brands, and 3G Cardio is a new comer to the market, how do they compare to the big treadmill brands?

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Who is 3G Cardio?

For us this is the big question.  When we review something we like to know a bit about the company, see what other products they make check consumer complaints and whether warranties are honored.  There is little information available about 3G Cardio  they are a small producer making Vibration Platforms and a few treadmills.  They seem to have been founded recently in 2011.

On to the treadmill!

3G Cardio Pro Runner Building and assembly

First thing if you go with the 3G Cardio Pro Runner will be to build and assemble the machine, of course you could opt for an in home service that will cost about $100-150 depending on where you are.  Our preference is always to make these things ourselves!

When it comes to locating this machine, its probably best to decide where it should go in advance and leave it there.  The 3G Cardio Pro Runner weighs over 245lbs and after assembly you might not want to move it.  As you can see from the image it can be folded, and in this position it measures about 2″ deep.

When folded there are a couple of transport wheels to move it about a room, although stairs may be tricky.

The final consideration is that the treadmill will need power, so if you can try and locate near a socket.  In total from start to finish the job should take about 2 hours, and you will need a couple of pairs of hands to help!

Does it Incline?

The 3G Cardio Pro Treamdill comes with an incline feature, that lifts the bed of the treadmill up through 15% off the flat.  This represents a really steep hill!  However the running programs don’t seem to make full advantage of the incline.  If you compare the features of this with say the Proform Pro 2000 then you will see that 3G Cardio are a generation behind when it comes to run tracking.

Ready To go, what about maintenance? 

You will need to spend an hour or two building this treadmill.  Its not ready to go out of the box.  Over time you will need to perform the odd bit of maintenance, ensuring the treadmill belt is tight, lubricating the mat and so on.  The manual covers these really well, and the jobs do not take very long.  For more information on lubricating treadmills we have a full guide to treadmill lubrication here

Is it comfortable to run on?

The 3G cardio is OK to run on.  The belt is not quite as thick as some of the competitors although 3g do claim that their treadmill comes with an orthopedic belt, however the rollers are only 2″ wide, meaning they have to turn faster than say the 2.5″ roller of the TR4000i treadmill from Lifespan.  Normally the thicker the belt the wider the rollers have to be so the belt does not fold to sharply.

Also 3G recommend putting a treadmill mat under the machine to keep the noise down.  For us we would rather see the treadmill run smoothly and quietly without having to spend and extra $50 on a mat.


3G Cardio Pro Runner display console reviewAll the usual features are included in the console: incline level, speed, heart rate, steps, distance, calories and time. However the console just looks dated and old fashioned.  There are very few treadmills on the market with simple led displays.  The plus side is that there is little that can go wrong, the console is easy to wipe down and clean.  However if you are going to be looking at it for any period of time then you would probably want to see integrated iPad holders.

The main controls (speed/incline etc) are all in easy reach and getting started is quick enough.


This is a large treadmill.  It measures Full: 74″ L x 35″ W x 58.5″ H

Maximum User weight is: 350Lbs

Manufacturer Warranty

3G Cardo offer a good, full residential warranty as follows:

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Parts: 5 Year
  • Labor: 3 Year

However there is NO commercial warranty.  If you are planning on using this treadmill in a commercial setting then you would need the higher model the Elite.

Alternatives to the 3g Cardo Pro Treadmill:

What are others saying about the Cardo Pro Runner in their reviews?

Here we have an issue.  This treadmill has, on the face of it a full 5 star review from amazon as you can see here.

However none of these reviews are from what we call “Verified Purchases” so we cannot really comment on how this treadmill performs long term as we cannot tell if consumers have actually used the machines

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Video of the 3G Cardio Pro Runner:

3G Cardo Pro Runner Review Summary


The 3G cardo pro runner price is currently around $1900.  For us this is a little steep for the features that are included.  For less than this you could chose the highly capable Lifespan TR4000i that has a larger running deck, better shock absorbsion and a cleaner console.  Or for the same money is the great looking and feature packed Yowza Daytona.

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