Total Gym XLS Trainer Review

Total Gym XLS trainer review

 Lose weight and get great looking muscles in your own home!

What’s great about home gyms is that you get to work out in private and don’t need to haul ass to the nearest gym.  On the downside the kit can be big, and really expensive.  In this review we look at the Total Gym XLS Trainer.  This is a compact trainer that can give you a full body workout, target all your muscles and still fold up for easy storage.  Its also much cheaper than other models, I have managed to find an offer with % off the gym!

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At first glance this does not look like much, there is no stack of weights to impress your mates with.  All the weight comes from you.  You are the stack.  When working out simply lie on the sliding board, the steeper the angle of the board the harder the workout.  Physics takes over.

After your workout fold it up and stick it into a cupboard. Its small size makes it perfect for bedroom exercises, or flats where you can’t take massive weights up the stairs.

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How does the XLS trainer work?

Total Gym have introduced a new system for the XLS, that is designed to put you at the heart of the machine.  Its made to be smooth and simple to use.

At its heart is a system of cables and pulleys, that work together to give you a targeted workout.  As you pull on the handles and engage your muscles you pull yourself on the platform.  Release the strength and you sink smoothly back down.

With its comfortable padded board you can workout for hours without discomfort.  The machine is designed to minimise stress to joints so its safe for all users.

Delivering a Total Body Workout

If like me you never skip leg day then you are in luck, the Total Gym XLS can exercise legs, arms, core upper body.  Most of them are in the instructions (I find Youtube a great place to find new workouts!)

Whats Included with the XLS Trainer?

  • Over 80 Exercises
  • Upgraded Pulley System
  • Flexible Nylon Strap Handles
  • Padded Glideboard with Head Support
  • No assembly required
  • Start It Up! Instructional DVD
  • 6-8 Minute Workouts DVD
  • Smart Training DVD
  • Body Makeover DVD
  • Dan Isaacson’s Nutritional Program & Meal Plan
  • Beginner Program with Todd Durkin
  • Intermediate Program with Todd Durkin
  • 5-Day Advanced Program with Todd Durkin

Chuck Norris Introduces the XLS Home Gym:

Will you Get Ripped?

If you put the work in and watch your diet, this machine is more than enough to get big lean muscles.  With some imagination you can target every muscle in your body.  The only limit is your mind.

What comes in the box?

Total Gym XLS Review and Best Price

For the price (under $700 if you use the discount in the link!)  you get not only the total gym trainer.  It also comes with a pilates kit.  If you are not familiar with this, its a great body strength exercise that will give your muscles great definition and core strength.

You will also get a full poster showing 35 introductory exercises, from easy to tear making hard.

To ensure that you can target all your muscles there is a leg accessory, and wing accessory.  This allows effective workouts of the quads, glutes and hamstrings.

If you are feeling flush, as this does cost a little more. To add some cardio, then the Total Gym Cyclo Trainer is an ideal companion.

How long does a workout last?

The more you put in the more you get out.  However the great thing is that you can jump on and follow a quick 10 minute program.  Get your pump on for a night on the town?  Go for it.

If you just have 20 minutes to workout before work then this is perfect.

Along with the accessories is a guide to quick 6,8 or 12 minute workouts which we love as a feature.

Product Features

Dimensions.  We will give you the extended and folded dimensions, remember for the extended dimensions to add some room to actually get around the machine!

Width = 19 inches
Length = 90 inches
Height = 43 inches

Width = 19 inches
Length = 51 inches
Height = 9 inches

Our Verdict on the Total Gym XLS Trainer

If you are short of space or time, then this makes a perfect addition to your home.  Compact and easy to use the XLS is always ready to go when you are.  This makes a great investment for anyone looking to expand on their body weight fitness workouts.

Combining a compact and easy to store workout unit with up to 400 different workouts it will be simple to keep changing workouts to maximise toning and strength over the whole body.  The Total gym is the premium machine in this market, however it is probably the most versatile and easy to use.

The Total Gym XLS trainer is an ideal way to get strong and healthy in the comfort of your own home, and is great value for money.

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