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Total Gym Cyclo Trainer Review

Total Gym Cyclo Trainer

At Optimum Fitness we are big fans of anything that can make your workout easier to carry out.  Part of the Total Gym Range the Total Gym Cyclo trainer is perfect for upgrading your existing workout equipment.

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One of the biggest problems equipping a home gym is space.  The biggest benefit of this machine is that it adds a full cardio workout without the space (or pricetag) of a normal bike. The Total Gym Trainer will add the ability to train more of your lower muscles such as you Legs, Glutes and Abs.

Efficient Exercise

This Trainer is multifunctional, it can be used to provide a quick warmup for weight training, or if you want to train your heart then it can also be ridden for longer giving a great cardio exercise.

The reason that this trainer is so effective is because you are putting weight on each pedal through the moving board as you train.  See this video for a great explanation of cyclo loading!

All of this can be achieved while strengthening your core and keeping the strain off your joints.


You can use the Cyclo Trainer with all Total Gym products.  In addition you can also can also turn the pedals with your arms to give even more training options.

Easy to Use

Once clipped onto the end of your Total Gym, you now have a great and comfortable recumbent bike.  Lie back on the Total Gym Board and start turning the pedals.  Loads of people use this while watching TV, and its quiet enough not to intrude.


To keep you updated on your performance there is a basic console included.  While it does not show calories burned it does include Speed, Distance, Resistance Level and time.


If you were going to buy this style of recumbent bike it would be much more expensive as you would have to buy the saddle and handlebars etc. If you already have the Total Gym System this would be Ideal.

Space Saving

No room for another piece of cardio equipment?  No problem the Cyclo Trainer hardly takes up any room, and can be stored away after use.

Other features

Included in the pack is a great workout DVD.  This is packed with work-along programs, tips techniques to get the most out of the trainer.

Presented by the Total Gym regulars Rob and Rosalie they will take your hand and ensure that you are using proper form to minimise injury and keep improving your fitness.


The Total Gym Cyclo Trainer comes with a 6 month warranty.


26 x 21.2 x 9.2 inches

37.9 pounds

What are other Reviews from users saying

Not much really.  This is a great addition to the Total Gym system, giving a neat way of adding cardio to a weight training machine.

“The Total Gym is Good and the Cyclo Trainer makes it better!!!!”

There are a couple of tiny negatives, such as the display which could be improved, but on the whole these are in the minority.

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Any Negatives?

The only issues involve the display, and are minor in the scheme of things, the display can be a little dark.  And some users would like to mains charge the display.

Should you buy One?

If you own anything made by total fitness then this would be the perfect addition.  A great way of extending you routine without either breaking the bank (its less than $300) or taking up to much space.

For anyone needing to burn more calories and increase the amount of cardio in their routines the Total Gym Cyclo Trainer is a great option.

Total Gym Cyclo Trainer Review Summary:

  • Digital monitor display: time, speed, distance, resistance level
  • Adjustable pedal straps
  • Quickly attaches to ALL Total Gym models