Sole Fitness B94 Exercise Bike (New Model) Review

Sole Fitness B94 Exercise Bike (New 2013 Model) Review

If you are looking for a high quality machine, made by a reputable brand then you may just have found it. In this review we will look at the Sole B94 Exercise Bike.  This is a mid range bike, that promises near gym level quality at a sub $1000 price point. We have found the best price for you with % saved off the price

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With its launch as a new model in 2013 the Sole Fitness B94 Bike sees a dramatically upgraded console, a welcome handle to help move the bike and much improved welding!

The improvements have made this a far better all round bike.

Sole B94 Exercise BikeWhat has changed?

The dimensions of the bike remain the same at 23 by 55 by 44 inches. It is capable of taking riders up to 300lb with no issues. The bike is also light weight coming in at 56Kg / 124lb. This should be light enough to make it portable round a house.

The new style console is still set up to receive signals from the builtin heart rate monitors. This will allow you to adapt your workout intensity to the best level for your heart rate.  In the computer are two heart rate programs that can adjust the workout to keep your heart rate in your preset training zone.

The Workout

The heart of the bike is the workout types. You are going to be spending some time in the saddle, and its easy to waste it with a slow or inefficient workout. There are 8 pre set programmes and 2 customisable programs to choose from these include :  six standard programs (hill climbs etc), two custom programs, and two heart rate programs.

If you have a heart rate monitor then the 9″ display is capable of picking up the signal and providing a read out of the beats per minute. However the Sole B94 does include a chest strap. In addition there are heart rate sensors built into the handle bars.

ConsoleSole B94 Console

The console is a large and easy to read unit.  Showing key data such as RPM, Heart Rate, Distance, Time.  The clear backlit blue display is one of the easiest to read displays I have seen.  Surrounding the LCD display are all the buttons to control the workout, fast keys to dial in the resistance etc.

Also built into the console is a handy fan and an Ipod/mp3 dock and speakers.

Are You sitting comfortably?

For long term enjoyment of your workout you need to be comfortable. This is where the Sole really performs. There is huge adjustability in the cockpit. The saddle can both be raised and lowered, and move in and out to provide the optimal position. No need to stretch or hunch over the handlebars.

Its easy to set up the bike just as you want it.

Some customers have commented that the saddle is a little hard. I have never had an issue with saddles as I always wear padded cycling shorts. What I need is to be able to position the saddle correctly, and with the sole you can.

In addition to the saddle moving the handle bars are also able to move horizontally and vertically.

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What are others reviews saying:

This is a popular bike, and a great quality alternative to a gym membership. On amazon it has scored a strong 4.1 out of 5.

“Husband has not stopped using it!”

“Very sturdy, very quiet exercise bike. Commercial gym quality bike for home. Love it. “

Pros and cons of the Sole B94 Exercise bike


  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • Very strong and quiet
  • Easy to assemble


  • Seat could be more comfortable

Any Negatives

I have already mentioned the saddle which might be a little hard. I wouldnt let that put you off as overall its a very comfortable bike. The clear display and good resistance levels are great.

Where to buy the B94 Bike

There are a couple of good online options, the first is Amazon, where this bike is slightly more expensive than Sole Direct.  However Amazon do have a great reputation for service. If you want to see the latest price on Amazon for the Sole B94 click here.

The other option is Sole Direct.  They still offer the same warranty and free shipping available from Amazon, however they charge at the last check $799  for the latest Sole Direct price click here


If you are looking to ditch your gym membership and workout at home on quality equipment then the Sole B94 Exercise Bike would make a great choice.

This bike is a bit of a dark horse, for the price you are getting near gym quality, and for less than $800 there are few better options on the market.  The Sole B94 really is one of our top choices for an exercise bike.

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