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Reebok Trainer RX 4.0 Review

Reebok Trainer RX 4.0 Review

If you want a comfortable workout, with minimal stress on the joints then Recumbents are the way to go.  There is fierce competition in the mid range recumbent bike market, which is good news for the customer as it means that the Reebok Trainer RX 4.0 comes packed with features.  But features do not make for a good riding experience, so read on and see if this bike beats the competition.  You are probably familiar with the Reebok brand sports wear, and it comes as no surprise that they want to carry over their brand credentials to their Recumbent Bike range.

Around this price the Reebok are up against capable bikes from Diamondback with their 510SR bike, RSP $699 and the slightly cheaper Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike at around $499 .  To see how each stacks up check our comparison tab.

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We will look at the Reebok Trainer RX 4.0 in detail, it is packed with features including speakers, fans, 20 resistance levels, 30 built in programs.  It even includes support for your iFit card, which I thoroughly recommend you try.

Our Analysis

Bike Style

The bike is self is a recumbent, which means that you are sitting with your legs out in front as you exercise.  If you are new to this form of workout then you will find it extremely comfortable and takes all the pressure off your back and knee joints.  As their price has been coming down Recumbent style bikes have become more and more popular for home gyms, they don’t impact the joints like a running machine, and they are far more affordable than an elliptical.  Also time on the recumbent can be used to catch up on reading as your hands are free.


This bike has a big satisfying look to it, with a clean aluminum roller tray for the seat, thick plastic cowling over the mechanicals and elegant display on the handle bars.  One slight down side of its heft is the weight of the bike.  Hopefully you can find a permanent space for this bike, as shifting it about can be hard work!

It will require home assembly, and you will need a spare pair of hands.  While the instructions are straightforward it will still require about 2-3 hours from start to finish.


This is an area where the Reebok RX4.0 shines.  With 20 levels of resistance you can set the precise level that you need to keep your heart in the training zone. Ideally when you train you want your legs to turn at a constant tempo, about 80-90 RPM, with your heart rate cont

Reebok Trainer RX 4.0 iFit

rolled by the resistance.  Often I find on a bike with only a few resistance levels that I am having to change my tempo to maintain my target heart rate.

The high end of the resistance gives a really hard cardio workout, while the lower ends are excellent for warm ups and cool downs.

Built in Programs

I normally like to follow the pre-programmed workout programs on bikes like these.  The good news is that there are 30 to choose from.  15 of these are “weight loss” and the other 15 are performance.  Normally I stick to performance, they tend to burn more calories than the weight loss programs.

If you are a tinkerer then you can set up and store your personalised programs, upto two can be stored.

Reebok Trainer RX 4.0 Console


On the Reebok RX 4.0 there is a good clear console that gives upto the second stats on: Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, Pulse.

Your pulse can be measured using the hand grips either side of the saddle.

All the buttons you need are on the console, and they are clear and intuitive to use.  The display colour is a pleasing green LCD display.

The only issue with this console is that while it supports an MP3 in there is no easy place to store it.  On the subject there is no where to store a water bottle either.  Although that can be kept on the floor as the bike is fairly low slung.

Riding Position

Once you have stepped over the large center console, you will find your self in a very well padded and comfortable seat.  You can adjust the seat to fit riders from less than 5′ to over 6’4.

Relaxing your arms to the side will allow access to the heart rate sensors.  There are additional handles on the console to help access to the bike.

Full Features of the RX 4.0

Along with the iFit workout card, the recumbent also comes with a reasonably good quality sound system which can be accessed using a cable from your device (no bluetooth!).  This can be a tablet, phone etc.

Also there is a fan built into the console this is OK for generating a ripple of air, but if you need a proper fan then a stand up one might be a better choice.


  • Fully Built 56″ x 27″ x 55″
  • Delivered weight 158lbs
  • Model Number: RBEX14910
  • User Weight Capacity: 350lbs


Reebok offer a reasonable warranty on their  Trainer RX 4.0: lifetime frame and 1-year parts / labor warranty.

What are others saying about the Reebok Trainer RX 4.0

Its only been on the market for a few months, however it has picked up only good feedback with a rock solid 5 star performance.

The most praised feature is the near silent running.  Want to watch TV while working out? No Problem!  In addition reviews like the solid build quality and the simplicity of the home assembly.

Any Issues?

Not really, better space and security for a tablet would be good, plus a water bottle holder.  These are really secondary issues and don’t take away from the fact that this is a well built machine at a great price.

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Comparison Table and Video

Comparison Table and Video

Model Reebok RX 4.0 Diamondback 510SR Schwinn 270
RSP $499 $699 $449
User Rating 5 4.6 4.0
Workout Programs 30 20 29
Resistance Levels
Maximum User Weight
20 16 25
Speakers Yes Yes Yes
Fan Yes Yes Yes
iFit Yes No No

Our Verdict

There is not really much to add.  To come back to my opening point, should you choose the Reebok over the Schwinn or Diamondback?

This is a tough one, the Schwinn bike has a couple of issues, but at $449 is good value.  The Reebok offers a good bike at reasonable price.  But for me the Diamondback 510SR has to be the bike of choice.  It costs a little more, but offers a step through design, a light mesh seat, better support for an Ipad and a bottle holder.

I know these are little things, but you will be riding it hopefully for many hours a week and you need to be comfortable.  Thanks for reading my review of the Reebok 4.0 RX Recumbent Bike.

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