LifeSpan Fitness S1 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

LifeSpan S1 Indoor Cycle Review

Opening the range of Indoor Bikes is the LifeSpan S1.  A good looking bike ideal for anyone new to spinning / indoor cycling.  Appearance wise it is very similar to the entry bike from Spinner Fit.  Both have strong box steel frames, and a heavy flywheel.  The spinner Fit comes in at $599, so if the LifeSpan is as good it might be a steal at less than $500!

This bike is now discontinued, Our reccomendation is the Spinner S1 Spin Bike as the best replacement

How does the Lifespan S1 differ from the other Indoor Cycling Bikes?

With its heavy fly wheel (31lbs) the Lifespan S1 has a good feel to it.  Not quite as smooth as you might find on a higher end bike, and certainly not as stiff at high resistance.  If you are new to this form of exercise this will be OK but as you strengthen then you may want to upgrade.

Comfort Cushioned Seat

LifeSpan seem aware that newer riders will be less forgiving of an uncomfortable bike.  They have done a a great job in making this bike easy to use for beginners.  Gone is the hard saddle, the S1 is fitted with a cushioned seat, that can be easily adjusted to your optimum position. So you may not need to invest in a gel saddle

The seat (and the handlebars) can both be adjusted up and down.  For your safety they lock into position with pins that screw down.   This means there is no chance of the saddle slipping down half way through the workout.


LifeSpan S1 Cycle HandlebarsIn addition to being adjustable the handlebars are also coated in a comfortable and sweat friendly pvc coating.  You will be able to comfortably rest your arms on the handlebars during sprints, and they provide a good solid feel during the climbs with very little flex.

Other Features:


5 Year frame, and 90 day Parts, Labour and Wear Items (friction pad/seat/pedals).  This is about the standard at this level.


LifeSpan S1 Wheels reviewThe bike weighs a total of 85 lbs.  However it can be easily moved with the integrated front wheels.

Other Reviews of the LifeSpan S1

Its definitely an easy to use bike: “The bike is easy to move around with the roller wheels in the front and the seat is padded and comfortable” 

“Assembly is straight forward, and should take no longer than an hour or so.”

Any Negatives?

It’s true that the S1 may not have the  same refinement as some of the expensive commercial bikes.  Another issue is the lack of SPD cleats on the pedals.  However I think for a bike less than $500 this can be forgiven.

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Lifespan S1 Review Summary:

A good bike, and well specced for the price this would make a great choice if you are looking for an entry level Spin Bike.  If you have a little more to spend then you would benefit from the improved pedals of the Spinner S1 Spin Bike.   Our recommendation is the Lifespan S2, and if you need to upgrade the pedals in the future as you improve.

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